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CARRIE UNDERWOOD (below), a former Tony Romo squeeze, is reportedly dating Ottawa Senators center Mike Fisher. Underwood was recently spotted at a Senators game when the JumboTron Hug Cam caught her with Fisher's family in a private box. Neither will comment on the relationship, but Underwood and Fisher are said to have met at her concert in Ottawa last March.... What do Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic and former Pro Bowler Warren Sapp have in common? Both like to talk trash, and both nearly beat Michael Phelps. While hanging with Phelps at a South Beach hotel, Sapp challenged the Olympic gold medalist to a race across the 110-foot pool. Phelps gave him a 55-foot head start, but it didn't matter. He edged the 300-pound Sapp in a finish captured by TMZ cameras.