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I was happy to see my favorite Charger, Darren Sproles, on your Jan. 12 NFLplayoffs cover—we're both 5'6", he just has 60 pounds on me—and humbled toread Mitch Albom's tribute to Detroit. You don't realize it unless you've livedthere, but Detroit has an unbelievable will to survive. I miss you,Hockeytown.
Jil Santi Carroll, El Cajon, Calif.

Mo' on Motown

As Carl Sandburgdefended his city in his poem Chicago, so does Mitch Albom defend Detroit (AndYet ..., Jan. 12) with his story. We may be a little down now, but we're notout. We'll be back, and it won't be just in sports.
Thomas A. Mauro, DeWitt, Mich.

To all thosestruggling to make ends meet, the Detroit Lions are truly America's Team.
Bill Gordon, Thermopolis, Wyo.

Albom's articleand his city are both 16--0 as far as I'm concerned.
Jeff Hirsh, Cincinnati

My automotivecareer unexpectedly sent me to Atlanta more than eight years ago. And yet alarge piece of me remains in Detroit. When the Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings and,yes, even the Lions come to town, I, along with legions of fellow displacedDetroiters, cheer them on. People see us applauding our hometown heroes, butwhat they fail to understand is that we are really applauding a blue-collarstandard of authenticity and resiliency that can only be known by being raisedin working-class Detroit.
Jason Jager, Smyrna, Ga.

In a story thatboasted about a Detroiter's pride and ability to persevere through tough times,without complaining or asking for pity, Albom turns right around and does bothof these things. While I appreciate your frustration, Mr. Albom, you're fromDetroit. Suck it up.
David Boduch, Livonia, Mich.

There's noquestion that Detroit has serious problems as a city. But don't try to get meto shed a tear for its sports fans. Yes, the Lions are indescribably bad. ButI'm sure there are millions of fans who wish their city had hosted the WorldSeries, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup finals in the past five years. Andnot many cities have hoisted three championship banners in the past sevenyears.
Jason Mazda, Avalon, N.J.

Sorry, Mitch, butGM, Ford and Chrysler started losing money way before 2008. Just because theLions finished 0--16 doesn't make me want the government to bail out anotherlosing cause.
Veronica Birch, Littleton, Colo.


In a league thathas many players known for their charity work and fine outstanding men, toomuch attention has been paid to one selfish individual (The Trouble with SeanAvery, Jan. 12) who clearly has no respect for the game. I am a 37-year-oldfather of two, and I would have given my right arm to play just one game in theNHL. This young man treats his position as if it is owed to him. I hope SeanAvery realizes what he has thrown away.
Steven Kerr, Sudbury, Ont.

Sean Averyblackballed from the NHL? Thank goodness. Now that the league has identifieditself as a staunch protector of the female gender, its players can get back towhat they do best: punching each other in the face and hitting each other overthe head with sticks.
Tyson Humble, St. Louis

My response toScott Thornton's comment that Avery may be the future of the game: We NHL fansdon't want that game. There are enough of Avery's type in MLB, the NBA and theNFL. Let him pick up a basketball or a bat if he wants to continue to be thecenter of attention.
Joseph Burdo, Shrewsbury, Mass.


In his All-Propicks (INSIDE THE NFL, Jan. 12), how could Peter King choose Dallas Clark overTony Gonzalez at tight end? Clark caught 77 passes for 848 yards and sixtouchdowns, with Peyton Manning as his quarterback. Gonzalez had 96 receptionsfor 1,058 yards and 10 touchdowns while catching his passes from Brodie Croyle,Damon Huard and Tyler Thigpen.
Wesley Unruh, Hutchinson, Kans.

Favre Follies

The problem withBrett Favre (POINT AFTER, Jan. 12) is that it is always about Brett Favre. Hecould have retired on top after his last season in Green Bay, but then he wouldhave been out of the limelight. It makes sense that he returned in New York,the only city that has room for his ego. Favre will surely be back next year,as long as there is a team that will take him.
Bruce Sage, Troy, Mich.

One year removedfrom SI's naming Favre its Sportsman of the Year and printing a moving tributethat made me fall in love with the guy all over again, you run a columnsuggesting that former Jets coach Eric Mangini needs Wite-Out to erase the factthat he gifted his son with Brett's name. Are Favre's heart and generosity forhis teammates, family and even strangers eclipsed because of a few losses andsome tosses that ended up in the wrong hands?
Karen Billing, San Diego

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