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Leading Off

Nothing ButNet

Italian skier OmarLonghi crashed into the safety netting last Saturday during his first run inthe Alpine FIS World Cup men's giant slalom competition in Sestriere, Italy.The event was won by Switzerland's Didier Cuche.

Run and Chute

Red Sox secondbaseman Dustin Pedroia, the reigning American League MVP, sprinted afterpractice on Sunday at spring training in Fort Myers, Fla. The parachuteattached to his belt increases wind resistance.

Keep onTuckin'

Lance Armstrongchecked out his time-trial tuck position in a bathroom mirror at a wind-tunneltraining facility in San Diego on Feb. 7 as he prepared for the Tour ofCalifornia. He came in seventh in the race, the second of his comeback (page26).


Photograph by Agence Zoom/Getty Images


Photograph by Tom DiPace


Photograph by Elizabeth Kreutz