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Naming Rites

ON DEC. 19 Brian and Lauren Clark of Plainfield, Ill., had their first child, daughter Addison Nicole. There's a reason the two Cubs fans thought the name had a nice ring: Addison N. Clark describes the Chicago intersection outside the Wrigley Field marquee. Says Brian, "I truly believe Addison will bring the Cubs luck this year." Maybe, but Wrigley-inspired names haven't done much for the Cubs. In 2007 Paul and Teri Fields of Michigan City, Ind., named their son Wrigley. Another Wrigley Fields, the eight-year-old son of Jerry and Kathy Fields of Lockport, Ill., threw out a first pitch at the Friendly Confines last August. And Ralph and Julie Dynek of Northfield, Ill., have kids named Addison, Clark, Sheffield, Grace Waveland and Ivy, after streets surrounding Wrigley and the shrub covering its outfield wall. Obsessive? Yes, but they're not the only fans branded at birth.

• Steeler Gerard Petrocky
Nine months after Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl in 2006, Kim and Michael Petrocky named their newborn son after their favorite team. The name might not raise eyebrows in western Pennsylvania, but the Petrockys live in Tampa, a few miles from Raymond James Stadium, where the Steelers won it all again last month. Says Kim, "We consider [Steeler] our good luck charm."

• Shea Joelle James
The 21-month-old is the daughter of King of Queens star and Mets superfan Kevin James. Alas, before her second birthday Shea's name is already outdated. "I am excited and a little upset I am going to have to change it to Citi," said James.

• Tré Rivers Kemerer
When Jeff Kemerer of Lancaster, Ohio, suggested naming their son after Heinz Field, his wife, Shawnta, said, "You're not naming him after ketchup!" So they chose a name inspired by the Steelers' former digs, Three Rivers Stadium. Did Tré, 19 months, enjoy the recent Super Bowl? "He watched the first quarter," Jeff says, "and was in bed by 8:30."



STADIUM CLUB Like the young Wrigley Fields (left), Addison Clark has baseball in her blood.



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