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March 16, 2009 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Fresh Squeezed

The Tour, and Y.E. Yang, Are Fortified by the Start Of the Florida Swing

By Michael Bamberger

Look Out Above

A New No. 1 For the LPGA?

By Jim Gorant

Big Play

By Eric Johnson

Word Play

By Evan Rothman

Half Time

Make like the Irish and love thy nine

By Tom Coyne


International Men of Mystery

To see the WBC is to love it. Too bad many in the U.S. aren't paying attention

By Tom Verducci


For the Record

Growing Pains

A-Rod's injury fits an unhealthy pattern for aging sluggers

By Tim Marchman

Buffalo Soldier

Canceled by the Cowboys, the T.O. show moves north—reality TV cameras and all

By Jim Trotter

Inside Move

By Joe Lemire

Game Plan

What smart fans should do this week

Donald Trump

The real estate mogul's The Celebrity Apprentice has a new season on NBC

As told to Sarah Kwak

Faces in the Crowd

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick


The Power To Believe

Albert Pujols is the Best Player in Baseball, and he understands the curse that comes with that title. But the Cardinals' slugger has this message for you: He won't let you down

By Joe Posnanski


Good Luck, Chuck The End of Golf As We Know It

With help from the man who fine-tunes Tiger, Charles Barkley has gone public in an effort to fix what can only be called a swing from hell

By Jack McCallum


From This Point Forward

Why isn't the best player on the team with the best record in the best conference better known? Maybe it's because Louisville's Terrence Williams plays the most underappreciated position in the game

By Luke Winn


The Goalie Who Doesn't Flinch

As he puts up statistics that could lead him to where no goalie—not even his archrival—has gone before, New Jersey's Martin Brodeur is doing it with a calm, and a style, all his own

By Michael Farber

Painfully Hip

Imitators of Patrick Roy's butterfly style have thrived on ice—but have also been forced into surgery

By David Epstein


Buying Short

For years Nate Robinson was seen as little more than the Knicks' 5'9" slam-dunk novelty act. But after his recent string of 30-point games, height is no longer his defining measure

By L. Jon Wertheim

Mykal Riley


One year ago Mykal Riley sank a three that kept fans out of the path of a tornado. But Riley would never have been there if not for an intricate web of chance meetings, false starts and a terrible crime

By Thomas Lake


Inside: The Week In Sports

Point to Prove

Rookie guard Russell Westbrook is the future leader of the Thunder's attack—if he can curb his appetite for turnovers

By Chris Mannix

The Early Line

SI's mid-March mock draft offers some intriguing scenarios and one certainty: Last year's hot position will stay hot

By Jim Trotter

Wake-up Call

Rested, rejuvenated and with a new car setup, four-time Cup champion Jeff Gordon sits atop the points race

By Lars Anderson


The records continue to tumble for Shani Davis—and now he and U.S. Speedskating must mend fences

By Brian Cazeneuve

Point After

Ethical Treatment For a Quarterback

By Phil Taylor


Leading Off