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Mighty Flynn

A six-overtime Big East tournament game did not slow him down. Two rounds of March Madness (The Road to Redemption, March 30) did not put a dent in him. Even Jim Boeheim couldn't derail the Jonny Flynn express. But the jinx from one of your regional covers put an end to Syracuse's valiant run.
Peter Senosk, Rochdale, Mass.

Worst Loss of the Year

As the Mariners dropped 101 of their first 159 games last year, the fans at least knew that our consolation prize was the chance to draft pitcher Stephen Strasburg (Stephen Strasburg Is Ready to Bring It, March 30) with the top pick. Then the Mariners swept the A's to close the season and finished with a better record than the Nationals. Your story reminded us of what we lost by winning those meaningless games.
Jeff Appelgate, Prosser, Wash.

A Cut Below

I once thought that Jay Cutler was a bright young man with a down-to-earth attitude. After reading about his feud with new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels (Cutler's Last Stand?, March 30), I realize that he is another spoiled athlete. In this economy countless people are in fear of losing their jobs. Cutler's reaction to McDaniels's making trade inquiries should have been to go play football for a living and be thankful he isn't in the unemployment line.
Bryan Tuck, Vacaville, Calif.

Golden Globetrotters

A few months ago I took my son and grandson to see the Harlem Globetrotters (Still Crazy After All These Years, March 30) for the first time. They were thrilled. Many of the Globetrotters' stunts and tricks were the same as they were when my dad took me many decades ago, but they were just as entertaining. With tickets that were about $20 each, I'll take the Globetrotters over the NBA any day.
James Landon, Apache Junction, Ariz.

My family was between homes and living in a Holiday Inn in Kingston, N.Y., in 1973, when we heard the Globetrotters would be staying there too. Being a seven-year-old then, I was very excited. My parents warned me that the players would probably be tired and not to bother them. Ha! I made posters and went to meet the bus when it pulled up. They brought me onboard and gave me tickets to their game, and at the game they pulled me out of the stands to be their ball boy. They gave me a memory to last a lifetime.
Richard Green, Orange City, Fla.

Seminole Moment

Selena Roberts believes that Florida State president T.K. Wetherell's stance against the NCAA ruling that could take 14 wins from football coach Bobby Bowden is self-serving and is in some way tied to a personal crusade to protect his own legacy (POINT AFTER, March 30). The academic scandal and forced vacation of wins stains the entire FSU community. Wetherell is standing up and voicing the opinion of FSU students and alumni, and as an FSU student I couldn't be more proud of him for doing so.
Craig Dallas Miller, Tallahassee

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