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April 27, 2009 Table Of Contents

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Men at Work

Brian Gay had the best week of his career, but for everyone else the Verizon Heritage was all about making a living

By Michael Bamberger

Teeing Off

Edited by Jim Gorant

Going Long

Ban be damned, a belly putter makes history at a major

Hits Keep Coming

Shut Up, Already!

All it took was one obnoxious "patron" to break Chad Campbell's magical run

By Curt Sampson

Baby Talk

By Dottie Pepper




Orange Aid

A former lineman is trying to return Syracuse to respectability, but he's got a long way to go

By Mark Beech

QB Search

By Andy Staples

Off the Hook

An October finish isn't out of the question for the Marlins, who can go young arm for young arm with anyone

By Joe Sheehan

Fab Foes

As rivalries raise the playoff heat, the league should ensure that spring hockey always burns like this

By Michael Farber

PIERRE McGUIRE'S In the Crease

By Pierre McGuire

April Madness

John Calipari's jump to Kentucky created chaos among recruits, several of whom remain uncommitted

By Luke Winn

Promise Keepers

By Kevin Armstrong



By Austin Murphy

On the Wildcat Prowl

Rice's James Casey fits the mold for the NFL's hot new scheme

By Andrew Perloff

The Surest Thing

Thanks to the rise of the college passing game, NFL-ready tackles are going early

By Jim Trotter

Peter King's Mock Draft

Crabtree is the perfect metaphor for this draft: brilliant upside, but with a lot of scouts' questions to clear up. Want a sure thing? Not this year.

By Peter King


It's Like You Never Left, Kid

Grown men reduced to tears, a rock star downloading 14-year-old playoff footage on his iPhone, an entire city falling in love all over again: Ken Griffey Jr. is back in Seattle, and, damn, it feels good

By Lee Jenkins


So which is it? (Check one) Block / Charge / No Call

When bodies crash, games can turn on a ref's verdict guaranteed to leave one side crying foul. As the first round starts, a look at the hardest call of all

By Ian Thomsen

Point After

Just a Regular Guy

By Phil Taylor



What's New

By Terry McDonell

The Gospel of John

Analyzing why Madden—bang!—was such great company

By Richard Hoffer

Who's Hot Who's Not

Doc Blanchard 1924--2009

For the Record

Drop Back to the Future

A Duke hoops standout considers a return to his first love

By Albert Chen

Iron Mike Exposed

Tyson gets inside the ex-champ's messed-up head

By Bryan Armen Graham

Holy Conflict

When sports and religion collide

By Kevin Fishbain


What smart fans should do this week

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick

Update SI, Nov. 3, 2008

By David Boucher

Faces in the Crowd

The Vault

EXCERPT From Sports Illustrated APRIL 28, 1980