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What's New

This issue of SI reflects a number of organizational, content and design changes. The idea is simple: Give readers more nuanced and incisive journalism within the largest possible context of sports. It starts with a cleaner look—more legible fonts and locators designed to help readers navigate SI more easily.

The first obvious editorial addition is the fourth photo spread in LEADING OFF, with the captions on all of the spreads moved outside of the photos. Then notice that the PLAYERS section has reverted to the name SCORECARD and that the INSIDE columns (page 30) have moved from the back of the magazine to the front, following SCORECARD. The back of the issue is now anchored by THE VAULT (above; page 70), which looks back on a specific sport in the same week 10, 20, 30 or more years ago, offering an excerpt from an SI story that reflects the history of sports and the magazine.

Let us know what you think.