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A Bra for The Ages


ROBERT BECK spent the first half of the U.S.--China World Cup final penned up by President Clinton's security detail and the rest shooting from high in the stadium. But when the game went to penalty shots, he slipped down to set up directly behind the goal—a place he wasn't supposed to be. (Peter Read Miller had a "legal" position to the side, but did he get the ultimate shot? "No!") Security asked Beck to move, but he argued that it would distract the players. Thus did he snap the picture that launched Brandi Chastain to fame. "Yes!" When she and Beck met for the first time, seven years later at a basketball game, "she jumped into my arms and hugged me and wouldn't let go," Beck says. "Everyone was like, 'Wow, what went on with those two?' "


Photograph by ROBERT BECK, July 10, 1999



Photograph by PETER READ MILLER, July 10, 1999

GAO HONG (above, left)