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Quick Thumbs

When umps got their fill early

Last Saturday
Angels pitcher John Lackey, making his first start of the season after coming off the DL, throws two pitches to the Rangers' Ian Kinsler, who had homered twice the night before. The first goes behind Kinsler's neck, the second hits him in the ribs—and Lackey gets tossed.

When Padres manager Steve Boros brings the lineup card to the plate before a game against the Braves, he also brings a videotape of a controversial call that went against the Padres the night before. Unamused umpire Charlie Williams runs him.

Red Sox starter Babe Ruth gets the heave-ho for taking a swing at home plate umpire Brick Owens after walking the first batter, Washington's Ray Morgan. Ernie Shore comes on in relief and, after Morgan is caught stealing, retires the next 26 Senators. Shore is credited with a perfect game but is stripped of that distinction after Major League Baseball makes the criteria more stringent in 1991.