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Things I Think I Think


SI's fearless NFLexpert opines on all the latest news, buzz and inside information on players.This is just a taste of what you'll get in King's Monday MorningQuarterback.

1 I think the moreTennessee's Vince Young (below) opens his mouth, the more I'd be scared witlessif he were my team's QB of the future. "I didn't want to play no more,"Young said—and he meant forever—on Sunday on ESPN. Young was referring to hisdark period early last season when his career was headed south. It's not thefirst time I've heard him talk about not wanting to play anymore.

2 Speaking of QB"controversies," I think no one really expected Chris Simms to beat outKyle Orton for the job in Denver, or to even compete with him. Simms hasn'tstarted an NFL game in 33 months, and coach Josh McDaniels dealt Jay Cutler forOrton in part because he was convinced that Orton would be more accurate thanSimms. Orton's starting has been ordained for 11 weeks, since the deal gotdone.

3 I think it willbe downright insane if somehow Plaxico Burress, facing gun charges, beats theNFL system and is allowed to play football in 2009.

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