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Giant Need

The Giants have positioned themselves near the top of the NL wild-card standings despite having the worst offense in the league. Through Sunday they were in the bottom three in runs, OBP and slugging percentage. Having two of the NL's best starting pitchers in Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, as well as a surprisingly effective bullpen, has enabled them to overcome awful production from six lineup spots. Now it's time for G.M. Brian Sabean to get his pitchers some help by trading for the Nationals' Adam Dunn (below). The 29-year-old can play either outfield corner or first base and has the on-base skills (.402 at week's end) and power (18 homers) that San Francisco needs. Even accounting for his defensive deficiencies, he would make the team two wins better over the rest of the season no matter where the Giants played him.