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The Interview

Brendan Haywood

The 29-year-oldbig man writes an often outspoken blog at

Dan Patrick: Whenyou heard that Donte' Stallworth had killed somebody while drunk driving, whatwent through your mind?

Brendan Haywood:First thing, I felt bad for the family of the victim.

DP: What would bejustice for Stallworth?

BH: I'm not ajudge. I can't say how much time he should have gotten in jail. I just thought30 days was very lenient. It's something I'm very passionate about. This year Iwas hit by a drunk driver, and my mom was in the car. So I have a strongopinion.

DP: Whathappened?

BH: We were goingover a bridge and a drunk driver just came out of nowhere and hit us in theback and spun us out. It was crazy and very scary.

DP: Who washurt?

BH: No one.

DP: Stallworth got30 days in jail, Michael Vick got two years. Are those apples and oranges?

BH: What's goingon with society when a person dies and you go to jail for 30 days, but if youkill dogs, it's two years? I'm not condoning dogfighting. But when did thelives of animals become more important than the lives of people?

DP: Do you have toclear posts with the Wizards?

BH: I don't.Obviously there's no censorship. Though I did get some calls [from someone inthe front office] that some people were a little offended that I was sayingstuff about Vick. I'll say it again: I don't condone dogfighting, but I docondone second chances.

DP: What if theWizards said they want to see what you post first?

BH: I wouldn'tlike it, but they're my employer. At the end of the day, when you work for acompany, you've got to go by the company rules.

DP: I heard youwere on an AAU team with Elton Brand, Ron Artest, Rafer Alston and LamarOdom....

BH: I don't knowhow that got out there. I didn't play with them, but I played against them. Igot beat like everyone else. I had some good guys—Kris Lang from Carolina,Julius Peppers [now a Panthers defensive end]....

DP: How good wasJulius?

BH: Phenomenal.Julius could have been an NBA guy and had a good career. You're looking at aguy who's 6'7", lefthanded, fast, quick, strong, can jump. The guy was thestate triple jump champion when we were in high school. I think he lovesbasketball as much as football.

DP: Can youimagine a day when the word Twitter or blog appear in the collective bargainingagreement?

BH: It might becoming, especially with [Timberwolves forward] Kevin Love talking about [coach]Kevin McHale getting fired before it hit the media. I don't think a lot of teamowners and general managers are happy about guys Twittering.

DP: Have youTwittered during a game?

BH: I don'tTwitter. I'm a blog guy.

DP: Have you everblogged during a game?

BH: No, I'm tryingto focus on my opponent.

DP: What if yougot thrown out of a game?

BH: Well, then allbets are off. If I got thrown out of a game, obviously I'd have a lot of freetime on my hands.

Fan Fave

One thing thatjumped out at me when I was at the U.S. Open last Saturday was how popular PhilMickelson is among New York fans. He's a West Coast guy who was brought upcomfortably—not the kind of gritty underdog you'd expect them to latch onto.The fans were great to him. Now if they'd only stop yelling, "Get in thehole!" on tee shots at par-5s. Guys, if you've got to scream something—and,really, don't—how about something that's at least plausible?

Roll with it

Before my familytrip to see the CT RollerGirls last weekend, I asked listeners to submit someof their favorite roller derby names and some they'd love to see. The best:

10. JackieOhSmashUs

9. SlamelaAnderson

8. EleanorBruisevelt

7. BitchieSlambora

6. KillaryClinton

5. Tyra Spanks

4. BrooklynDeck-her

3. SarahImpale-in

2. Sandra DayO'Clobber

1. Babe Vigoda

Line of theweek

Baseballcommissioner Bud Selig, discussing the possibility of adding a steroid-userswing to the Hall of Fame: "You'd have to have a cocaine wing too, I guess.How about an amphetamine wing?"

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