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You somehowoverheard the comment I made just after Roger Federer won the French Open:"Now maybe SI will give Roger his proper recognition on the cover."
Barbara H. Jones, Grantham, N.H.

Roger Federer isindeed the greatest tennis player ever (Is He the Greatest of All Time? June15). In the past five French Opens, before winning this year, Federer lost onlyto Rafael Nadal, arguably the greatest clay court player ever. By contrast PeteSampras, who made it as far as the French semis only once, lost to manydifferent players. Also, I give Federer the nod over Rod Laver because tenniswas more of a country club sport back in Laver's day, and now many more greatathletes play the game.
Paul W. Henry, Boston

Laver is the onlyplayer to win two Grand Slams—in 1962, while still an amateur; and 1969, afterthe ban on professionals in slam events was lifted. That ban also preventedLaver from winning more than his 11 singles slam titles because he turnedprofessional in 1963. Beyond that, Laver played in a competitive era, facingKen Rosewall, John Newcombe, Roy Emerson, Manuel Santana, Arthur Ashe, TonyRoche, Fred Stolle and Rafael Osuna. Laver was the best ever.
Patrick G. Brown, Orlando

Until someonebests Bjorn Borg's triple double, in which he won both the French Open andWimbledon in 1978, '79 and '80, he remains the greatest.
Scott Gensch, Eau Claire, Wis.

In this discussionlet's not neglect Roy Emerson, the only man to achieve a career Grand Slam insingles and doubles.
Shepherd Campbell
Mullett Lake, Mich.

McLovin It!

Whenever you run aphoto in which the crowd is prominent, as you did with your NBA Finals story(Final Strategies, June 15), I scan the fans' faces. This time one caught myeye: Dude, that is McLovin in the front row!
Brad Tarr, Parkville, Md.

EDITOR'S NOTE:Yes, that is Superbad's McLovin, a.k.a. actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

The GoodRaider

Every pro athleteshould read Jim Trotter's fantastic article on Oakland cornerback NnamdiAsomugha (A Name Worth Knowing, June 15). Then they might see how much goodthey could do with their stature, their money and, more important, their time.Asomugha's example shows the value of getting intimately involved and making adifference in people's lives.
John Tidd, Morrisville, Pa.

Jeff Komlo

The story of thefall of former Lions quarterback Jeff Komlo (The Wrong Turn, June 15) typifiesthe perils of Western narcissism and excess. At least his children had the goodsense to turn the page and move on with their lives. Komlo's was a life, and afortune, wasted.
Richard Burjoski
Kitchener, Ont.

In March, I dinedwith former college teammates from Delaware, and there were three linemen atthe table, including myself, who had blocked for Jeff Komlo. When we shared thenews of his recent demise, not a tear was shed. He was a talented athlete but amore talented con. He cared for one thing: himself. His actions went againstthe traditions of our school and all that we were brought up to believe wasright.
Joseph G. Susan Jr.
Princeton, N.J.


Chris Ballard'scolumn on Vivian White and her son, Brian, a soldier fighting in Iraq (POINTAFTER, June 15), was a real winner. We can all pray that this story aboutVivian running for Brian will end happily in January 2010 with his safereturn.
Kevin Link, Solon, Iowa

As I stare at my10-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, I can't even imagine them going towar. I run about four to five miles each day. Could you tell me how I can"donate" my miles to this mother and son?
Mark Manta, Tinley Park, Ill.

EDITOR'S NOTE:Many readers asked to give miles to White's cause. She welcomes these offersand can be reached at

Body Language

As a formerdefensive end for the University at Buffalo, I identified with what formerNebraska center Brett Byford said about football players and their post-careerweight issues (I Want My Body Back, June 8); it is a matter of telling yourbody, "Hey, I'm in charge." I went from 280 to 235 pounds while takingorganic chemistry the summer after my last year of eligibility—I lost so muchweight that my butt hurt from sitting in class. I've run into a couple of myformer linemates who didn't trim weight, and it's truly sad.
Dan Poulsen, Lubbock, Texas

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