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Off-brand Names

Tired of hearingabout the usual suspects for LPGA tour commissioner? Here are myunder-the-radar favorites. Judd Silverman, tournament director, Jamie FarrOwens Corning Classic. A former PGA Tour caddie and top amateur, he brought theLPGA to Toledo 25 years ago and the Farr is still one of the tour's mostreliable, community-oriented events. Judd also has a company, Toledo ClassicInc., that manages golf events, such as this year's NCAA Championships and the2011 U.S. Senior Open. He has served on the LPGA's Tournament OwnersAssociation (TOA) board, is connected in the business community and is admiredin the industry. Duke Butler, president, Open. Duke is a former clubpro who was the executive director of the Houston Golf Association beforeworking his way up to senior vice president at the PGA Tour. He understands thecharity aspect of tour golf and knows how to keep events fresh. For example, hecreated a Monday couples' pro-am for this year's Fry's. He would be astabilizing figure much like Charlie Mechem was, but with more zing in themarketing area. Alice Miller (above), executive director, LPGA Championship. Amajor winner, former player director and LPGA rules official who has served onthe TOA board, Miller commands respect. She understands the game competitivelyand as a business, and believes in the LPGA's constitution and players. She isthoughtful, dedicated and very demanding. Best of all, she's a quiet, steadypresence who speaks from the heart.

Dottie Pepper isa 17-year LPGA veteran and an on-course analyst for NBC and Golf Channel.

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