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Odd autograph requests

Last week Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford told a story about being asked by a couple to sign their newborn. "I actually signed on its [outfit]," said the Oklahoma QB. "It was strange." But not unprecedented. Florida's Heisman winner, Tim Tebow (right), also was asked to sign a baby. With a Sharpie. He obliged: "I signed her forehead. The [mother] was ecstatic." Strange, but not any stranger than these requests:

Ian Kinsler: The Rangers second baseman was asked to sign a diaper. "It wasn't on the baby," he said. "It was a brand-new one."

Derrick Johnson: Shortly after joining the Chiefs in 2005, the linebacker signed a fan's Chihuahua.

Richard Petty: At the state fair in Raleigh, a fan had NASCAR's King put his ornate John Hancock on a live duck. "When he lost his feathers, he lost the signature," said Petty. "But he flew around there for about a year with an autograph on his wing."