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Wanna Make a Bet?

Shaq's pop-in and Roddick's aces: the week in weird wagers

THE BETTORS:Shaquille O'Neal and an unnamed entourage member.

THE PROPOSITION:That Shaq was so famous he could drop by the White House unannounced and getin. Shaq, who said he has pals in the Secret Service, vowed not to use hisconnections, going so far as to surrender his cellphone before cabbing it to1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The stakes: 1,000push-ups

The result: Nodice. "They were nice," O'Neal told The Washington Post. "Theysaid, 'Shaq, we can't do it.' I said, 'I understand.'" He has been knockingout the push-ups 20 to 30 at a time.

THE BETTORS: AndyRoddick (far right) and syndicated radio personality Bobby Bones.

The proposition:After Bones suggested on air that returning a serve isn't as tough as it's madeout to be, Roddick, who is pals with the DJ, told Bones he'd give him 10chances to return one.

The stakes:"My pride," says Bones.

The result: Boneslost, in amusing fashion (see it on YouTube). Wearing goggles and a cup, Bonesnever came close to touching a ball—except for Roddick's final blast, whichnearly beheaded him. Asked what he learned, Bones acknowledged that Roddick isthe king and he is the queen. To which Roddick responded: "That's an insultto all queens around the world."