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My _____ Hurts

The many aches and pains of Mike Hampton

Left Shoulder

Houston pitcherMike Hampton, 37, announced last week that he will miss the 2010 season afterhaving surgery on his left rotator cuff, his latest injury since signing aneight-year, $121 million deal with the Rockies in 2000. But don't count him outfor 2011. "He's always fought back," said teammate Aaron Boone.

Left pectoral,groin

As he warmed up onApril 4, 2008, for his first start since Aug. 19, 2005, Hampton strained hispec. He didn't return until July—and only after shaking off a groin injury thathe picked up on a rehab assignment.


In November 2007his Mexican winter season ended after one start; Hampton did a split on a wetmound and strained his hammy.

Back, leftelbow

"It's prettymuch been a nightmare season," Hampton said in August 2005 after his fourthtrip to the DL—two for a herniated disk and two for forearm tightness. It gotworse. In September he was told he needed Tommy John surgery, which shelved himfor all of '06.

Oblique, leftelbow

A bad swing in BPin the spring of 2007 led to a strained oblique. It healed, but Hampton laterfelt discomfort in his surgically repaired elbow, requiring another operationthat knocked him out for '07.

Right calf

Hampton began the2003 season on the DL after straining his calf in a treadmill accident—andreinjured it later getting out of the shower.