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Ouch, Dude

A year of weird MLB injuries

Sept. 22: On a five-hour flight to Tampa, Mariners closer David Aardsma curls up with a good book. The ensuing back stiffness forces him to miss a game.

Sept. 18: Mariners catcher Rob Johnson wrenches his ankle celebrating Ichiro's walk-off homer against the Yankees. "He's taking some abuse on that," says manager Don Wakamatsu. "He was jumping up and down, with no one around."

July 22: The Royals' Jose Guillen tears a knee ligament putting on a shin guard and misses six weeks.

July 5: Pitcher Ryan Dempster leaps the dugout railing to celebrate a Cubs win—and breaks his toe, sending him to the DL for three weeks.

May 25: Twins outfielder Carlos Gomez needs two stitches after banging his forehead on a Metrodome revolving door.

April 23: Blue Jays rookie Ricky Romero is sent to the DL with an oblique strain suffered while sneezing. There's lingering damage: "Now I'm afraid to sneeze," he says. And his presneeze ERA was 1.71; postsneeze it's 4.66.