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October 12, 2009 Table Of Contents

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No Big Easy

The Saints' once-soft defense has turned tough thanks to its new hard-hitting, ball-hawking approach

By Andrew Lawrence

Titanic Task

By Peter King

Market Watch

Who's up, who's down

By David Sabino

Tunnel Vision

Toby Gerhart, a deceptively fast back who is quieting the skeptics, has Stanford out front in the Pac-10

By George Dohrmann

Little E's Effort

Long-struggling Dale Earnhardt Jr. showed speed at Kansas, but can NASCAR's most popular driver keep it up?

By Lars Anderson


Bustin' Loose

A month into the season the surprising new Broncos are undefeated, in command of the AFC West and playing like they mean business—especially on defense

By Jim Trotter


Horned Frog Formula

TCU coach Gary Patterson is turning good offensive players into great defenders and threatening the BCS hegemony

By Austin Murphy


Let the Show Begin

The return of Pedro Martinez to the playoff stage adds spice—and mystery—to an already intriguing first round of matchups

By Tom Verducci

Depth over Stars

St. Louis has the game's best player and two Cy Young candidates, but top-to-bottom, L.A.'s the better team

By Joe Sheehan

A True Glove Story

Most of the big names are the same as in '07 and so, too, is the story line: Defense again trumps the long ball

By Joe Sheehan

It Just Doesn't Matter

At press time the Twins and the Tigers were headed for a one-game playoff—for the right to be squashed by the Bombers

By Joe Sheehan

So Good, And Yet ...

Los Angeles has the right lineup and rotation for October; it just ended up with the wrong matchup—again

By Joe Sheehan


The NFL's Jackie Robinson

He broke professional football's color barrier in 1946, yet even though he played alongside Robinson in college, few people remember the great running back Kenny Washington or the shameful history of segregation in the NFL

By Alexander Wolff

Point After

When a Hit Hits Home

By Chris Ballard



Political F√∫tbol

In Central America, soccer is always more than a game

By Grant Wahl

Who's Hot Who's Not

Official Duty

With its regular referees locked out, the NBA eases in replacements

By Chris Mannix

For the Record

It's Not You, It's Them

Chicago's Olympic bid was brought down by an anti-USOC vibe

By Brian Cazeneuve

Fathers' Day (NFL-style)

John Madden opens his video playground to six proud papas of pro quarterbacks

By Arash Markazi


What smart fans should do this week

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Elizabeth McGarr

Cross Stat

By Puzzle by Mike Baranack

The Vault

Things I Think I Think

By Peter King