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For Florida Statecoach Bobby Bowden (inset) to retire after this season, the head of theschool's board of trustees. A loss to Boston College dropped quarterbackChristian Ponder (above) and the Seminoles to 2--3, their worst start since1976, Bowden's first year as coach. On Sunday board chairman Jim Smith said theteam's performance has stifled fund-raising and that Bowden, 79, should makeway for offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, his anointed successor. "I loveBobby Bowden," said Smith, "but I love FSU more." Bowden, who has384 wins and trails Joe Paterno by three for the top spot on the alltimeDivision I-A list, said he has no plans to step down soon.


By Oregon coachChip Kelly, the reinstatement of suspended running back LeGarrette Blount.After the Ducks' season-opening loss at Boise State, Blount, a senior whorushed for a school-record 17 touchdowns last year, punched an opposing playerand had to be restrained from attacking fans who were taunting him. The nextday he was banned for the year by Kelly. But last Friday, Kelly said Blount,who apologized after the game and last week wrote a letter to Oregon's studentpaper expressing his remorse, could be allowed to play as early as Nov. 7."He has a rigid set of conditions he must live up to, and there arecertainly no guarantees in place," Kelly said. "This merely provideshim the opportunity for my reconsideration."


By Kansasbasketball coach Bill Self for the rest of the semester, starting guard BradyMorningstar, after the junior was arrested on suspicion of DWI early lastSaturday. Morningstar, 23, a starter and the Jayhawks' most accuratethree-point shooter last season, was released after posting $250 bond. He iseligible to practice with the team but can't play in a game until mid-December,meaning he'll miss at least seven games. The ban comes on the heels of a seriesof highly publicized on-campus fights between members of the Kansas basketballand football teams last month. Sophomore guard Tyshawn Taylor is out for atleast four weeks after suffering a dislocated thumb in a brawl.


After 15 months ofmarriage, Chris Evert and Greg Norman (right). The winner of 18 Grand Slamsingles titles and the two-time British Open champ, both of whom are Hall ofFamers in their sports, were wed in June 2008. The couple announced theirseparation in a statement last Friday, four days before Norman was to captainthe International team at the Presidents Cup in San Francisco. They did notspecify if they will divorce, saying only that "we will remain friends andsupportive of one another's family." It was the third marriage for Evert,54, and the second for Norman, also 54.


In a studycommissioned by the NFL, that the league's former players may be much morelikely to suffer Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other brain-relateddisorders than members of the general population. The survey asked 1,063ex-players if they'd ever been diagnosed with a memory-related disease. Twopercent of the respondents aged 30 to 49 said yes, a rate 19 times higher thanthe national average for that age group. The league stressed that the study didnot prove a link between football-related concussion and memory disorders. Butlast Friday the NFL Players Association announced that it has formed acommittee to address the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of brain injuriesand their long-term effects.


With swine flu,Texans rookie Anthony Hill. The tight end, who spent two nights in a Houstonhospital before being released last Friday morning, is believed to be the firstNFL player to contract the H1N1 virus. "We're taking every precaution wecan," said coach Gary Kubiak after Hill's release. "We feel like it'svery isolated."


An insurancesalesman charged with surreptitiously videotaping ESPN sideline reporter ErinAndrews in hotel rooms. In July nude videos of Andrews, 31, that appeared tohave been taken through a peephole surfaced on the Internet. Last Friday, FBIagents apprehended Michael David Barrett, 47, of Westmont, Ill., and chargedhim with interstate stalking, which has a maximum penalty of five years inprison. An FBI affidavit said that Barrett requested a room next to Andrews'sat a hotel on the Vanderbilt campus in September 2008 and that he recordedseven videos there. "I don't think he's even had a traffic ticket,"said Barrett's lawyer, Rick Beuke. "He's as regular a guy as you'll evermeet."


By the Missouriathletic department in a surplus sale, old staff cellphones containing hundredsof e-mails, text messages and contact information belonging to various schoolcoaches. The 25 phones—a Treo once used by basketball coach Mike Anderson wasamong them—were bought for $190 by Mike Bellman, a Columbia, Mo., informationspecialist who planned to sell them for spare parts. But Bellman discoveredthat the phones' memories had not been erased, putting him in possession ofathletic staff phone numbers, their personal contacts files, andcorrespondence. The school offered to buy the equipment back for the priceBellman paid, but he said he plans to sell the devices to a collector.

Go Figure


Drop in overall major league attendance in 2009, thelargest season-to-season dip (not counting labor stoppages) since 1952.


Attendance decline for the Nationals, the worst team inthe majors, the largest drop in the majors this year.


Amount Lenny Dykstra's 1986 World Series ring went forat auction last week; 11 items belonging to the former Mets and Phillies starsold for a total of $162,000.

$31 million

Amount Dykstra said he owes his creditors in hisbankruptcy filing in July.


Years since Michigan State had beaten Michigan inconsecutive seasons before the Spartans' 26--20 overtime victory lastSaturday.


Pass attempts by N.C. State QB Russell Wilson withoutan interception, an NCAA record, before he was picked off by Wake Forest lastSaturday.


Years since a pitcher had given up two walk-off grandslams in a season before the Mets' Francisco Rodriguez did it this year.


Kate Murray

Hempstead, N.Y., town supervisor, responding to adeadline set by Islanders owner Charles Wang (left) for a ruling on an arenadevelopment plan he's pushing:

"We don't give Mr. Wang deadlines on bringing theStanley Cup back to Long Island."