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Some fans putcollege football on a pedestal, but what is so great about watching the samefive or six teams compete for the championship every year? In pro footballevery team has a shot (Why Not Us, Sept. 21). I agree that the Saints, who went8--8 last year, have a legitimate shot at representing the NFC in the SuperBowl. Why not them?

Scot Aiello,Franklin, Tenn.

Arguing aPoint

Serena Williamsnever loses because an opponent is better (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Game,Sept. 21). It is always because of an injury or illness or some other excuse.[Her behavior after being called for a foot fault, and the subsequent penaltyon match point,] was an injustice to Kim Clijsters and diminished one of thealltime great women's tennis victories. I agree with writer S.L. Price thatSerena's fine should have been more substantial than $10,500 and that sheshould be suspended. Her suspension should be long enough to exclude her from amajor.

Bob Parker,Temecula, Calif.

All of theattention has been placed on Williams's behavior but none on the U.S. Openofficials. Referees for the NFL, NHL and NBA have generally agreed that in thefinal moments, games should be won or lost by the players and not theofficials.

J. EverettPrewitt, Cleveland

Juan Martín delPotro's victory over Roger Federer reminded me of another young upstart beatinga legend at the U.S. Open: Marat Safin defeating Pete Sampras in the 2000final. Like Del Potro, Safin possessed superior size and power, tremendousground strokes and quickness. For Del Potro's sake, let's hope he has the focusSafin never found.

Peter BowlingAnderson

Willow Park,Texas

Luring Coyotes

I agree that thestruggling NHL franchise in Phoenix should be relocated to Canada (SCORECARD,Sept. 21). Commissioner Gary Bettman, a principal architect of puttingfranchises in Sun Belt states, seems more concerned about his image than aboutdoing what is best for the league. Franchises in Phoenix, Dallas, Tampa andAtlanta are hurting. Northern cities in the U.S. and Canada wouldenthusiastically support NHL hockey. Give Hamilton, Ont.; Cleveland; or Seattlea chance.

Ken Whitehead

Dartmouth, NovaScotia

As someone whofollowed the Winnipeg Jets and still wears a hooded team sweatshirt, I say movethe Coyotes back to Winnipeg and let's pretend the last 13 years were a baddream.

Sam Sorvino,Spokane

Time on HisHands

Your story onNotre Dame's loss to Michigan (PASS-FAIL COURSE, Sept. 21) criticizes Irishcoach Charlie Weis's play-calling late in the game. What was he supposed todo—play for a tie? If Weis runs the ball and forces the Wolverines to usetimeouts, Michigan still has about two minutes and 25 yards to go for a tyingfield goal. It's not as if Notre Dame had a seven-point lead. I'd rather seecoaches be aggressive.

David Martinez


Runaway Viking

Adrian Peterson'sstatus as a DOMINATOR (Sept. 21) in the NFL's opening week didn't have anythingto do with the fact that he was running against the Browns, did it?

David Aukerman


So it wasn'tenough for you to put Peterson on the cover leaving Cleveland defenderssprawled on the turf. You had to feature USC running back Stafon Johnsonreaching the end zone against Ohio State in LEADING OFF. Please cancel thisOhioan's subscription! (Just kidding, but it does hurt.)

Steve Marsh

Pepper Pike,Ohio

The Butler's DoingIt

For your team ofunder-the-radar All-Stars (INSIDE BASEBALL, Sept. 21), your first basemanshould have been the Royals' Billy Butler. The 23-year-old hit .301, with 21homers and 93 RBIs. Plus, he fields his position like a Gold Glover.

Max R. Moore

Bellevue, Neb.

Active FantasyLife

I enjoyed ChrisBallard's column about the fantasy football draft conducted by seven- tonine-year-olds (POINT AFTER, Sept. 21). The best part? The kids went out toplay football afterward. There is hope for the future.

Marc J.Zauderer


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