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Things I Think I Think

SI's fearless NFL expert opines on all the latest news, buzz and inside information. This is just a taste of what you'll get online.

1 I think at some point Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman (below) has to either make a play or take a seat. I respect the fact he's got a strained groin muscle. But if you're hurt, then sit. Three solo tackles in four games? Embarrassing.

2 I think NBC's Rodney Harrison created quite a stir Sunday night when he said Tom Brady should take his skirt off and put some pants on. As Sunday turned into Monday, Harrison was getting mucho crapola for this statement. Just after midnight he called me and said, "I WAS JOKING! I texted Tom and told him I was going to have fun with this, and he had no problem with it at all." Well, no one else thought he was joking.

3 I think we could argue about a lot of NFL-related things, but one fact is indisputable: Peyton Manning is the best player in football right now. Manning was 31 of 41 for 353 yards against the Seahawks and led the Colts to touchdowns on four of their first five drives.