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To file chargesagainst Raiders coach Tom Cable (above) over an incident in which he allegedlybroke the jaw of an assistant coach, the district attorney's office of NapaCounty, Calif. According to defensive assistant Randy Hanson, Cable attackedhim during an Aug. 5 meeting and punched him in the jaw. Several other coachesin the room disputed that version of events, saying that Cable ran at Hansonbut was stopped by assistant Lionel Washington, who was bumped into Hanson."The whole experience was very interesting to me, very humbling to me,"Cable said. Hanson is being paid by the team, which is 2--5, but is notcoaching.


By the St. LouisCardinals as their hitting instructor, Mark McGwire. The slugger has been outof the game since retiring in 2001 and has remained largely out of the publiceye since his 2005 testimony before a House committee investigating steroids inbaseball, during which he repeatedly stated that he was not there to "talkabout the past." McGwire was given a path back into the game by Cardinalsmanager Tony La Russa, for whom he played in Oakland and St. Louis. McGwire hit583 home runs but had a career batting average of .263—including four seasonsin which he hit .235 or worse.


For making anon-air racially insensitive remark about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya, ESPNcommentator Bob Griese. In a promo for Sunday's NASCAR race that aired duringlast Saturday's Ohio State--Minnesota game, analyst Chris Spielman said,"Where's Juan Pablo Montoya?" Griese responded, "He's out having ataco." Griese apologized later, and ESPN issued a statement calling theremark "inappropriate." After Sunday's race, in which he finishedthird, Montoya laughed off the incident, joking that "I could say I justspent the last three hours eating tacos, but I was driving the car."


At age 94, Bill(Big Whistle) Chadwick (right), the first American referee to be inducted intothe Hockey Hall of Fame. Chadwick's playing career was cut short after a 1935amateur league game in which he was struck in the face by an errant puck,leaving him blind in the right eye. (Chadwick recalled, "Lots of times,fans would yell at me, 'Chadwick, you're blind.' Well, when you think of it,they were half-right.") He became an NHL linesman in 1939 and a referee ayear later, and he perfected the system of hand signals now used throughout thegame. After he retired, Chadwick spent 14 years as a Rangers broadcaster.


At age 76, ofpancreatic cancer, Jack Poole, the Canadian businessman who spearheaded thesuccessful campaign to bring the 2010 Olympic Games to Vancouver. A real estatedeveloper whose first job was selling brushes and hand cream door-to-door,Poole was picked by Canadian prime minister Gordon Campbell to be CEO of theVancouver Bid Corp. in 2001. Two years later Canada was awarded its firstWinter Games since 1988, when Calgary was the host. Poole had been receivingtreatment for pancreatic cancer since 2007. He died last Friday, hours afterthe ceremonial lighting in Athens of the flame that will be used to open the2010 Games.


To Tulsa after a12-year run in Michigan during which it was the most successful WNBA team ofthe decade, the Detroit Shock. The club won the league championship in 2003,'06 and '08, but attendance at the Palace of Auburn Hills had been sliding.This season Detroit drew an average of 8,011 fans (down 1,500 from 2008), andthe franchise lost $2 million. In Tulsa the team will play in the new BOKCenter, and the closest major pro league competition will be 100 miles away, inOklahoma City. Rick Mahorn, who coached the Shock last year, will be replacedby former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson (above), who will also be Tulsa'sgeneral manager.


By Californiagovernor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a bill that will allow the construction of astadium 15 miles east of Los Angeles that could house an NFL team. BillionaireEd Roski Jr. has pledged to finance the stadium privately (SCORECARD, Oct. 26),but a lawsuit filed by residents of nearby Walnut over the project'senvironmental impact has prevented ground breaking. The bill signed bySchwarzenegger nullifies the suit. Roski has said he won't begin constructionuntil he has received a commitment from a team to move to L.A.


By chatty Bengalsreceiver Chad Ochocinco, a news-gathering service that he says will break NFLnews on Twitter using information gathered from players around the league.Ochocinco has dubbed it Ochocinco News Network, or OCNN, and his slogan is,"If I break it, you might as well believe it." Ochocinco had his firstscoop earlier this year, when he announced on Twitter that Cincinnati'sfirst-round pick, Andre Smith, had ended his holdout. Asked how he'll have timeto perfect his cub reporter act, Ochocinco said, "This is how I stay out oftrouble. I don't go to clubs, I don't drink, I don't party."


Stephen Jackson

Warriors guard, on his feelings for Don Nelson afterthe coach suspended him for two games following an anti-Nelson tirade, costingJackson $139,000:

"If my mom took some money, I'd still love her todeath, but I'd still be upset about it. And he's not my mom. So you can imaginehow I feel."

Go Figure


Amount the NFL fined Chargers linebacker Larry Englishlast week for making a horse-collar tackle in a loss to the Broncos on Oct.19.


Amount the NFL fined Bengals wideout Chad Ochocincolast week for wearing a black chin strap instead of a white one in a loss tothe Texans on Oct. 18.


Days since Indiana State had won a football game beforelast Saturday, when the Sycamores ended the nation's longest losing streak at33 by beating Western Illinois.


Prize money won by Norway's Bj√∏rn Halvard Knappskog,19, for taking the Monopoly world championship in Las Vegas; the purse is theamount of cash in a Monopoly set.


Years that Felix Perez Alvarez paid dues to the RealMadrid fan club; Alvarez, known as the team's No. 1 Fan, died last week at age99.


Distance, in yards, of the goal scored by SMU freshmanRyan Rosenbaum in a 3--2 soccer win over Tulsa last week; the defender nailedthe game-winner when his long clearance bounced over the goalkeeper's head.