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When Nature Calls

Last week

Stuttgart goalkeeper Jens Lehmann leaves the field—during play—to relieve himself behind the advertising boards. Disgusting? Yes. But according to a club official, "I thought he handled it very expertly."


France's Benjamin Hebert uses a bush for cover at the British Open, causing one French spectator to opine that the golfer was "an absolute disgrace."


During a stoppage in play, Manny Ramirez runs from leftfield into the Green Monster for a bathroom break, returning just in time for the next pitch.


Calling it "an embarrassing necessity," Paula Radcliffe makes a pit stop—in the road—near the 22-mile mark of the London Marathon. "I didn't really want to resort to that in front of hundreds of thousands of people," she says after winning.


At Super Bowl XVI a teammate makes quite an impression on 49ers rookie Ronnie Lott. "I saw Hacksaw Reynolds urinating on the sidelines," Lott recalled. "I had heard that most guys just go down their pants. I guess it was all the excitement."