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This is a very forgiving country. If Tiger is truly sorry for what he has done and becomes the man he pretended to be, the cheers will be there for him again.

Nick Garzia, Phoenix

Wake up, America. Tiger Woods (The Sadness, Dec. 14) has always been a poor role model. This is the same Tiger who regularly has been seen dropping clearly audible f bombs, throwing his clubs, and acting like a child when things aren't going exactly the way he envisioned.

Steve Lee, Elk Grove, Calif.

No matter what the pundits say, Woods does not have to come before their almighty cameras to confess. I hope he never does—because it will drive the media whores absolutely mad.

Rodney K. Boswell

Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Even if we think of the marriage as strictly contractual, Woods's behavior is unacceptable. Would he have cheated on his sponsors this way? Why should such entities as Nike or Gatorade be held in higher regard by Woods than his wife?

Alan Whitman

Chatsworth, Ill.

The Sadness was a fitting title for what has happened to the personal life of Woods. His legacy will not be about all of the victories he has. It will be what kind of a person, father and role model he is or isn't.

Marc Benjamin, San Diego

The Sadness? Please! Sadness is reserved for those who are victims of circumstances beyond their control.

John LaPolla

Columbus, Ohio

Rare Stakes

The SEC championship game (Move Over, Gators, Dec. 14) has been a showdown of monumental importance the last several years. But if the 16-team college playoff format that SI touted were in place, interest in the game would be greatly diminished because it only would have determined playoff seeding for Alabama and Florida. Why promote a system that would screw up great entertainment?

Richard Combs, Tallahassee

Courageous Winners

As I sat in the quiet of a car showroom during this economic downturn, dwelling on my concerns and worries, I read L. Jon Wertheim's story on 2008 Paralympians Marin Morrison and Nick Scandone (Champions to the End, Dec. 14). I grieve for the families of the two athletes and revel in their athletic and human accomplishment. Thank you for lifting me out of my personal fog and helping me realize how blessed I am.

William R. Rudd

Ada, Okla.

The tragedy is that more people don't know the story of Marin's and Nick's extraordinary courage and grace.

Candy Canzoneri

Westerville, Ohio

Trouble on Ice

Hockey, when played right, is both thrilling and beautiful. But if the Neanderthals who rule the NHL care to know why it continues to be a niche sport, they should look at the Flyers' Chris Pronger (Whole Lotta Nasty, Dec. 7) and the pride he takes in making other players "nervous Nellies ... because they don't want to get slashed or speared again." It's unfortunate that such on-ice behavior is tolerated.

Kent Cowgill, Houston, Minn.

View from the Stands

Eagles coach Andy Reid has won nothing. He could not spell excellence if you spotted him the consonants and told him he only needed one vowel. Philly fans (A Pair Up Against a Full House, Dec. 7) have no reason to have faith.

Drew Mann, Meadowbrook, Pa.

Fullback Leonard Weaver says "nothing is ever good enough" for Eagles fans. He's a perfect fit for a franchise that has never won a Super Bowl yet considers itself the NFL's "gold standard."

Jason Mazda, Avalon, N.J.

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