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I hope to see Ian Johnson's name on the active roster of the Vikings or another NFL team. If not, he will succeed at anything else he does because he's blessed with a level head and a good heart.

Laura Parham Herrick, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Joe Posnanski's story on Ian and Chrissy Johnson's fairy-tale journey (The Running Back and the Cheerleader, Dec. 28) resonates with me because my wife, Verna Wefald, and I share an anniversary date, July 28, with the Johnsons—though we were married in 1991. My wife has metastatic breast cancer that is highly aggressive, so even the near future is unclear for us and our two children. But as I read about the strong bonds between Ian and Chrissy, I realized that I can hope and pray and believe that our happily-ever-afters will continue for a long time.

Steven Friedman

San Rafael, Calif.

All-Decade Debates

You listed the Colts' Peyton Manning as the best quarterback since the turn of the century (An Imperfect 10, Dec. 28). I believe you meant Tom Brady of the Patriots. He went to the Super Bowl four times and won three of them; Manning took Indianapolis to the Super Bowl just once. Winning the NFL's top prize, not a family name, should drive your selection for the best QB.

James R. Morrison, Cincinnati

I wish your all-decade baseball choices had been divided into two teams: one for clean players who earned their way onto the list and a second for performance-enhancing-drug users who once again are glorified despite cheating the game and the fans.

Mike Sazama, Cincinnati

... Nine-time All-Star and Gold Glove winner Ichiro Suzuki did not make your MLB team of the decade?

Yossi Zimilover

Flushing, N.Y.

... I appreciate Peter King's outside-the-box selection of the Steelers' Hines Ward, but Terrell Owens is the right call at wide receiver for his play with the Eagles.

Robert R. Fromhart

San Diego

... No mention of UConn basketball player Diana Taurasi as one of the best athletes of the decade?

Nicholle Hanson

Owatonna, Minn.

... You failed to put any soccer players on your list. What about Ryan Giggs or Thierry Henry?

James Taylor, Miami

How could you leave NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson off the cover? He has won four Cup championships in a row, and he is a gentleman who epitomizes everything an athlete should be.

Michael Lakos

Colorado Springs

In Memoriam

I was about 16 years old and on vacation in Albuquerque during the summer of 1976 when Mark Fidrych appeared on SI's cover winding up in front of Big Bird. The image made me smile then, and it still does now. Thanks for remembering Fidrych (Not to Be Forgotten, Dec. 28) and bringing back memories of a long-ago summer. Rest well, Bird.

Jeff Baker

Wichita, Kans.

Missing from your selection of 2009 obituaries was Melvin Simon, the co-owner of the Pacers and shopping-mall developer who died on Sept. 16 at age 82. Melvin and his brother, Herb, not only gave generously to the city of Indianapolis, but they also made sure the Pacers remained in Indiana. We were fortunate to have had him in our city.

Gary Schahet, Indianapolis

Good Sport

The Dec. 28 issue had LeBron James on the cover and a POINT AFTER about Jeremy Bloom on the last page. Though LeBron is one of the world's greatest basketball players, Bloom's work with poor elderly people makes him one of the most unselfish and caring people in sports. Perhaps having Bloom on the cover would have been a more suitable way to end the year.

Fred Pederzolli, Scottsdale, Ariz.

We demand a recount for Sportsman of the Year. Sorry, Derek Jeter, it's Jeremy Bloom.

Konrad Ribeiro

Santa Monica, Calif.

We could do with more athletes like Bloom. He recognizes that seniors are people of interest and value.

John Engel, Racine, Wis.

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