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Stolen Moments

Plenty of guests—including a flock of QBs—stopped by the DP Show mobile studio in Miami during Super Bowl week. Here are some highlights.


The Jets' QB discussed his coach Rex Ryan (below).

DP: How would Rex be as an Ultimate Fighter?

MS:I wouldn't want to get hit by a right hook from him.

DP: What would you do if you were forced into the Octagon with him?

MS:I'd bring a pizza to distract him.


The four-time Super Bowl champ said that when considering Peyton Manning's legacy, we should keep in mind the huge role he plays in the Colts' offense. "The guy's doing things that most QBs don't do or never had the opportunity to do," Montana said. "He's coaching and playing at the same time. He's basically your offensive coordinator with a helmet on out on the field."


The former Oklahoma QB stopped by the studio and threw a series of 40-yard bullets.

DP: How's your shoulder?

SB:The shoulder feels great. I throw three days a week. Doc came, he watched me throw last week. He said it looked great. I look [to be] ahead of schedule. It should be 100 percent by my pro [workout] day.

DP: Are you worried about hurting it again?

SB:It should be stronger than it was before.


The Cardinals' QB (below) called it a career after 12 NFL seasons.

DP: How confident are you that Matt Leinart will be your successor?

KW:I'm confident he's going to have a job and have an opportunity to prove [that] he deserves it. Beyond that, I think there's just a lot of questions. Even playing with him and seeing what he's capable of doing on the practice field, and even sometimes in game situations. I still don't know what Matt Leinart's gonna be.

DP: Do you think it's more mental or physical with Matt?

KW:I think it's a combination of both. I think he's got the physical skills. I think he's got the mental ability to play this game. He understands the game, understands reads and the system we're in. But for me, great quarterbacks [have] the ability to put both those things together. To see things. To react quickly to what you see. And then being able to have your body do what you want it to do.... He's gotta put all that together. I haven't seen him do all those things and do them at a high level. But now, I'm going to be out of the picture. He's not going to feel that pressure [of] me being behind him.


The Cardinals All-Pro receiver said he tried to talk Warner into staying with Arizona: "I think everybody on the team did.... Whenever you lose a Hall of Fame player, it's not usually good for your team."


Smoke said he thinks the biggest problem Danica Patrick will face in her transition to NASCAR is scrutiny from the media, but he's optimistic that she'll succeed. I also asked him if he'd flirt with her when he passed her—maybe wink, or blow a kiss. "I'll probably be a little busy," Stewart (left) said. "And we've got full helmets on, so you're not really going to be able to wink at her."


Before the Bengals' playoff loss to the Jets, Ochocinco said he would change his name if New York cornerback Darrelle Revis shut him down. Well, it happened (Ochocinco had two catches for 28 yards), but the name remains the same. Here's why: "My fingers were crossed," Ochocinco (left) said. "Look, President Clinton said in front of the world, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman.' His fingers were crossed also, so that's where I got it from.... Revis Island is in Ocho's World. That's how it will always be."


The newly minted Hall of Famer had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he gave this answer.

DP: Are you the greatest receiver ever?

JR:I'm not the greatest receiver. Terrell Owens is the greatest receiver. That's what I heard. I think he made a statement saying if he had Joe Montana, Steve Young ... he probably would be breaking my records now. So Terrell is the greatest receiver.


The Lions' QB doesn't like to be called Matt.

DP: What was the first thing you bought after you were drafted Number 1 overall last year?

MS:A car. Mercedes S-Class. I feel really bad living up in Ford country, but I bought it before the draft. Sorry, everybody.

THE FINE PRINT: A 13-year-old quarterback verbally committed to USC. But it won't be official until Reggie Bush's booster buys him a tree house.

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