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Brett Favre's boyish enthusiasm is what football is all about (Pretty Awesome, Jan. 25). When I was coaching peewees, the one thing I tried to get across to my kids was, Just have fun. If I were still coaching, I would stop talking and show highlights of Favre.

Ted Makowski, Jacksonville

Transfer Solution

Student-athletes deserve the opportunity to transfer without penalty should their coach abruptly depart. The pitfalls Joe Posnanski cites (SCORECARD, Jan. 25) can largely be avoided by having students indicate at the time of enrollment two alternate schools (in order of preference) they would elect to attend if the opportunity arose. The student would be bound to honor those preferences to maintain eligibility, choosing the latter if the first alternate school had a coaching change of its own. If the athlete's departing coach ends up at one of the alternates, so be it. Let's give these kids a break.

Vincent R. Suarez, Madison, Wisc.

Rolling Thunder

I enjoyed catching up with Kevin Durant (Kicking It Up a Notch, Jan. 25). Despite the loss of the Sonics to Oklahoma City, it is heartwarming to know he is thriving with the Thunder.

Valerie Paganelli, Seattle

The Durant story was great, but the representation of Oklahoma City was not. There is a Purina plant close to the practice facility, but you failed to mention the sellout crowds, the renovated Ford Center and the new practice facility that is being built. Perhaps you need a second visit for the city to grow on you—book a room for the playoffs!

Brett Purvis, Edmond, Okla.

Rocking in Indy

I have harbored a deep resentment since Robert Irsay's infamous Mayflower armada shanghaied the Colts out of Baltimore. After reading about the life values and business ethics of his son Jim (A Jam Session with Jim Irsay, Jan. 25), that resentment has been replaced with respect and admiration.

Ian Henderson, Bryn Athyn, Pa.

For those of us who left Indiana but still romanticize the legends of Oscar Robertson, Slick Leonard, Larry Bird and Bobby Knight, we now need to add Jim Irsay to our list. He's a fascinating soul and an inspiration.

Jefferson Hammond, Keller, Texas

While winning continues to be important, Jim Irsay's classy organization is a source of pride to the people of Indianapolis.

Linda Bates Coombs, Greenwood, Ind.

True Confessions

In Coming Clean: It's Complicated (POINT AFTER, Jan. 25), Selena Roberts was dead-on. How Biblical are the words "True atonement is a private reckoning." As someone who loved Hank Aaron and respected his dedication and humility throughout his career, I find it almost laughable that someone such as Mark McGwire can smear the pureness of the sport of baseball and just hope to find forgiveness after the fact.

Tim Spangler, Manchester, Pa.

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