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Four Keys to a Super Swing

A Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher shows us what makes Rickie Fowler's swing so special

1. His setup and posture are impeccable, but his hands are positioned unusually low, probably the result of using clubs that were too long at an early age. Notice how the butt of the club points to the middle of his thigh. In the model setup the butt points toward the player's belt buckle.

2. He is halfway through his downswing. His hips have continued to unwind, but his shoulders have not, which allows his arms to continue to fall into the proper position. This sets up a tremendous whip effect of the clubhead through the ball and is one of the reasons that Rickie is so long.

3. He is right on the mark at impact. His head is steady and his eyes are looking at the ball. His hips are turning to the left, and his belt buckle is pointing down the fairway. His shoulders are square and parallel to the target line. His right arm and club shaft form a straight line.

4. At the finish, Rickie's body is a perfect picture of balance, as it remains in the same posture that it was at setup and is still tilted to the right. His weight is on his left leg, and his arms are folded and relaxed. Balance equals speed, power and accuracy.



Photograph by FRED VUICH