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Julia Mancuso


The 2006 Olympic giant slalom champ added to her medal haul in Vancouver, taking silver in the downhill and the combined

Dan Patrick: Do you wear the silver medals around or keep them somewhere safe?

Julia Mancuso: I wear them, of course. You've got to spread the love, show off the medals to the host town.

DP: Do you mind if people come up and ask if they can wear them?

JM: I think anything goes. I like to throw those medals, sling 'em on other people's necks, whatever.

DP: If I said you could have two silvers or one gold, which would you take?

JM: Of course, it's nice to get gold, but every race you go into, coming out with a medal just feels like gold. So if you can have that experience of going up on the podium three times....

DP: When do you break out the tiara?

JM: The tiara comes out when I feel like having some fun. It's fun being on the podium, and I wear my tiara on my helmet every day when I race. I actually bedazzled my helmet with a tiara.

DP:Why weren't you in the SI Swimsuit Issue?

JM: They didn't ask me. I was stoked to see those girls [skiers Lacy Schnoor and Lindsey Vonn and snowboarders Clair Bidez and Hannah Teter] posing. It was awesome. I always get the Swimsuit Issue. It's fun to see the painted-on bikinis and see the styles and where they're shooting. Definitely it's something that would be cool to be in.

DP: Would you want the painted-on suit or the real thing?

JM: Me and my sister have done painted bikinis for each other. I'm down with the top. I don't know about the full thing.

DP: Much was made about tension between you and Lindsey Vonn. How much of that was fact, and how much was fiction?

JM: The whole thing is a lot of fiction as far as it coming between our race programs. We have a very professional relationship with each other, and it's never gotten in the way of our performance on the hill.

DP: You won gold in the giant slalom in 2006, but Lindsey seemed to get all the attention heading into the Olympics. Did you ever think, What about me?

JM: Definitely I feel like going into these Olympics, I should have been given a little more credit for my performance in Torino. Winning a gold medal, there was an accomplishment that I was very proud of. That it slipped through the cracks was disappointing. But Lindsey's been skiing phenomenally the past two years, so for her coming into these Olympics there were a lot of expectations and hopes for medals. For me, I was coming back from injury. I had that gold medal, but I hadn't been on the podium in two years.

DP: Will these be your last Olympic Games?

JM: No, I'll keep on skiing for a while.

DP: How much would you charge me for a one-hour lesson?

JM: I don't really charge for ski lessons. I definitely would go skiing if you were in Squaw [Valley]. I'd take you on a couple of runs.

DP: But you wouldn't charge, even though I'd ask for pointers?

JM: I give free advice.

DP: Can I wear the tiara?

JM: If you're wearing a tiara, you'll definitely get free advice. Anyone who shows up at Squaw in a tiara will get free tips from me.

See Ya Later

After eight seasons, 9,785 yards from scrimmage and 68 touchdowns, running back Brian Westbrook was released by the Eagles last week. "I was a little bit surprised, thinking they maybe would give me an opportunity to renegotiate things," he told me. When I asked why he thought he was let go, Westbrook, 30, who stood to make $7.25 million next season, said, "For [the Eagles], it's always business, it's always money. If they can find someone that can do anything a little bit cheaper, then they'll go with that person."

Dry Daly

John Daly is very candid about his alcohol use. I asked if he ever had a bottle of whiskey in his bag during a tournament, and he said, "Not on Tour, but I did in some state opens." When I asked if he thought drinking made him a better golfer, he admitted, "You get that buzz going, you think you can make every putt. That's why I'm not making anything anymore, because I'm not drinking. No, I'm just kidding."

Line of the week

Hall of Fame writer and MLB Network analyst Peter Gammons told me how far he thought the Twins would go to re-sign hometown hero and reigning AL MVP Joe Mauer (above):"I can see the Twins buying Joe Mauer the city of Duluth."

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