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How fitting that the Vancouver Olympics began with the Great One lighting the torch and ended with the Kid bringing home gold for Canada. I shared with my young family the experience of Sidney Crosby scoring the winning goal, and I'm confident that Sid will continue to set a fine example for my children.

Jayson Chizick, Holt, Mich.

Now that Sid the Kid has delivered hockey gold (Canada's Day, March 8), it's time for a new nickname. Take your pick: King Crosby, Captain Crosby or Saint Sid.

Brian Gefsky, Los Angeles

The Canadians shouldn't have a sense of security because they (barely) beat the U.S. in the gold medal game. Let's not forget that the U.S. won the under-18 and the world junior championships this year. With all that young talent and a solid core of NHL players, Team USA would be the favorite heading into Sochi 2014. C'mon, Gary Bettman: Let the NHL players play, and the gold is ours.

Vince Keelan, Redwood City, Calif.

Performance Plus

Sidney Crosby is deemed a national hero for doing something ordinary for him—scoring a clutch goal in a hockey game. But Joannie Rochette (POINT AFTER, March 8) did something extraordinary by delivering a nearly flawless performance in Vancouver so soon after her mother's sudden death.

Laszlo Buda, Toronto

He Gave Us a Lift

U.S. aerial skier Jeret (Speedy) Peterson was the feel-good story of the Olympics (Hurricane Force, March 8). For a man to fight his demons and still win a silver medal speaks to the power of the human spirit. I hope he uses his newfound fame to help kids suffering from depression. If so, I feel that Peterson will become a hero not just for his aerial prowess but for his empathy and kindness as well.

Chris Cantone, Midlothian, Va.

Fashion Miss

I was surprised to see the new Team USA soccer jersey in the "Who's Not" section (SCORECARD, March 8). While I agree that most people won't understand the "beauty-pageant" sash dominating the front, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED missed the connection between the 2010 World Cup jersey and the one worn by Joe Gaetjens (The Hero Who Vanished, March 8) during the 1950 upset of England. Sixty years later, as the U.S. faces another first-round World Cup draw against England, I can see nothing more beautiful than a tribute to our miraculous past.

Philip Camp, New York City

Springing Forward

Lee Jenkins's description of Mets bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello's bike trip from Newark to Port St. Lucie, Fla., in the story about David Wright (The Trials of Mr. Met, March 8) brought back fun memories. I rode across the country in 1996 and entertained myself by doing play-by-play and color commentary of past Mets games. I wonder how many Wright homers Rac recalled as he pedaled toward the Mets' spring training home.

Alan J. Horwitz, Montclair, N.J.

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