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So Tiger Woods(below) has returned and appears to be no worse for the wear. His game is unchanged by scandal and, at least when he has a club in his hands, his mind is clear and focused. One question remains though: What comes next? Tiger answered some questions during his sit-down with the media on the Monday before the Masters, and while he seemed remorseful and sincere, he revealed no specific plans about his future other than to say that he would follow the path of Buddhism. Buddha did not win 18 majors, but as it turns out he knew a thing or two about karma, and it's time Tiger started thinking about his own. Twenty years from now what will be the first thing that comes to mind when Tiger Woods is mentioned—his record or his recklessness? If he wants it to be the golf, and I'm certain he does, he needs to begin making amends. He can do that by committing to tournaments earlier than the deadline, hitting a few new events every now and then and playing practice rounds a little later than sunrise so fans without insomnia might get a chance to see him in the lighter mood of a Tuesday. Small things all, but they would go a long way toward showing the world that he cares about more than breaking Jack Nicklaus's record for winning majors. Mind you, Tiger doesn't need to do these things, but if he cares at all about his legacy, considering the plight of fans and tournament sponsors is as good a place as any to start.

Brandel Chamblee, a 15-year PGA Tour vet, is a Golf Channel analyst.