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August 2, 2010 Table Of Contents

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By Michael Bamberger

Teeing Off

It's About Time

Tiger Woods has found his swing rhythm, and his putter is only a beat away

By John Novosel

Westwood, Ho

By Brandel Chamblee




Playing Matchmaker

Forget the old approach of drafting two good quarterbacks. Grab a great one early and then a situational sub late



Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends


Def./Special Teams

Deep Sleepers

Short Reign?

New IM king Ryan Lochte is being tested by a knee injury, a young rival and the return of Michael Phelps

By Kelli Anderson

Chain Reaction

Unassuming Alberto Contador took advantage of a rival's mechanical mishap to win his third Tour

By Austin Murphy

The Right Thing

If it's late July, contenders must be lining up to trade prospects for a stud starter. Risky? Yes—but it's smart too

By Tom Verducci

Better Deal?

By Joe Sheehan

Hormone Change

Minor leaguers will be tested for HGH, but the program is more flawed than forceful

By David Epstein

Mad Money

Owners bemoan the massive deals for high picks, but a rookie wage scale might actually favor the players

By Jim Trotter

The New Pac-10

In search of a fresh image, the expanding conference has begun rebranding itself as an innovative league

By Andy Staples

Dare to Dream

Twenty ballers descended on Vegas hoping to win a place at the world championships—and the Olympics

By Chris Mannix

Round One

The league's rejection of Ilya Kovalchuk's deal portends a fight with a union that may be ready to tangle

By Sarah Kwak

In the Crease

By Pierre McGuire

Fast Times

After his win at the Brickyard, a rejuvenated Jamie McMurray looks ready to contend for a spot in the Chase

By Lars Anderson

Bluegrass Battle

The rivalry between Louisville and Kentucky has been sizzling this summer, thanks to top prospect Quincy Miller

By Seth Davis



Once dubbed baseball's Perfect Knight, the greatest Cardinal of them all played his entire career with quiet brilliance and boundless good will. Today The Man remains a vibrant, vital part of baseball in St. Louis and a model of grace for the game

By Joe Posnanski

Jerry Tarkanian

For the iconic and rebellious Rebels coach who brought two decades of winning hoops and style to the desert—and for many other sports figures—life stays in Vegas

By Selena Roberts

Napoleon McCallum

The farm-raised former NFL plow horse has found sweet retreat—and a second life—in Sin City

By Julia Morrill

Orel Hershiser

Romance brought the Dodgers great to Las Vegas, and a card game very well may keep him there

By Julia Morrill

Richard Steele

His 34-year career defined by a two-second call, the boxing ref is still fighting the good fight

By Julia Morrill


By Chris Nashawaty

Where Are They Now: Mike Tyson

From comedy cameos to talk shows to reality TV, the newly clean, sober, vegan former Baddest Man on the Planet is in a whole new place—and desperate to stay there

By Pablo S. Torre

Heads Of the '85 Draft Class

By Rebecca Sun

Roy Firestone

Sports television's most compelling interviewer helped to show fans what makes athletes tick—and tear up. Now the sound bite has drowned him out, and that's a crying shame

By Lee Jenkins

Teddy Dupay

By Ben Reiter

Men of the Moment

Catching up with a quarter century of the tourney's one-act wonders

By Adam Caparell

Tate George

Twenty years after his heroics, the Newark native is back home working wonders again

By Adam Caparell

Gabe Lewullis

Princeton's buzzer-beating giant killer has finally reached the NBA—as a doctor

By Adam Caparell

Michelle Kwan

After a career highlighted by five world titles, the most decorated figure skater in U.S. history is moving in new circles as a diplomatic envoy for the State Department

By Andrew Lawrence

Anthony Sandoval

America's best marathoner in 1980 lost his chance at Olympic gold because of the Moscow boycott, but he's done pretty well in the long run as a physician in his native New Mexico

By David Epstein

Their Games Gone ...

Of the 466 members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic-team-that-wasn't, 219 never made another squad. Here's a look at the Olympic fortunes of some of the '80 track-and-field qualifiers

By David Epstein

Jason McElwain

An autistic 17-year-old's astounding three-point shooting spree has inspired millions of YouTube viewers. Now 21, he's coaching kids and sharing his hoops love and knowledge

By Elizabeth McGarr

John Rogers Jr.

For this former Ivy League captain, taking the Air out of Jordan was all in a day's work

By Elizabeth McGarr

Brian Collins

His debut was a real bomb, but this reporter still hopes to make some noise in broadcasting

By Elizabeth McGarr

Natalie Gilbert

A star-spangled slipup—during the NBA playoffs, no less—hasn't silenced this aspiring singer

By Elizabeth McGarr

Jordan Snipes

His "shot viewed around the world" has turned a highlight into hope at tiny D-III Guilford College

By Elizabeth McGarr


Andre Drummond

By Justin Tejada

Braxton Miller

By Elizabeth McGarr

Krista Hardebeck

By Elizabeth McGarr

Philip Pfeifer and Nicky Delmonico

By Elizabeth McGarr

Kassidy Cook

By Elizabeth McGarr

Ben Watts

By Justin Tejada

Samantha and Kristie Mewis

By Elizabeth McGarr

John Orozco

By Elizabeth McGarr

Victoria Tanco

By Elizabeth McGarr

Dallas Escobedo

By Elizabeth McGarr

Rocco Grimaldi

By Justin Tejada

Chelsey Sveinsson

By Elizabeth McGarr

Taylor McCullough

By Elizabeth McGarr

Sergio Peña

By Justin Tejada

Point After

Genuine Imitations

By Phil Taylor



Sweetheart ... Get Me Rewrite!

As more milestones and awards come under a cloud, record books are increasingly murky

By Tim Layden

Who's Hot Who's Not

The Boss of Toss

Jennie Finch gave softball much more than a glamorous new look

By David Epstein

For the Record

Two Lous

How Artfully We Play

By Dick Friedman

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Elizabeth McGarr


Things I Think I Think

By Peter King