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August 23, 2010 Table Of Contents

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Lost in Translation

Usually, Ryder Cup talk during the PGA Championship is mundane analysis of qualifying points and captains' picks. Not this year. Caught in a media echo chamber, the conversation took on a jarring new tone

By Michael Bamberger

Pick Four

By Gary Van Sickle

Teeing Off

Rewriting History

Setting the record straight on a 16-year-old PGA scoring slight

By George Bowman

Phil Forward

By Dottie Pepper




Big and Rich

Several players picked a fine time to have career years. With fewer elite players on the market, it's jackpot season

By Joe Sheehan

Over the Top

Fiercely focused Rebecca Bross climbed back from last year's bobble at the worlds to claim the U.S. title

By Brian Cazeneuve

Raising the Bar

Thierry Henry is MLS's biggest name, but midfielder Rafael Màrquez could be its most important player yet

By Ben Reiter

Jack's Back

Having survived his second plane crash, indomitable owner Jack Roush is now watching his team take off

By Lars Anderson


Trap Game

By Alan Shipnuck


Crash Course

Once the face of the game, the feature back is falling victim to the harsh laws of physics and economics. Brutal hits and a brief shelf life are turning the elite runner into the league's most endangered species

By Tim Layden

Two to Tango

The decline of the feature back means more teams are turning to tandems, which offer added versatility with less wear and tear

By Jim Trotter

PART II: Made To Last

By Joe Posnanski

PART III: The Icon

By Tim Layden


Get Out Of My Hair!

By Franz Lidz


Giving Kids a Lifeline

Black children are three times more likely to drown than white ones. Olympic champ Cullen Jones is out to remedy that

By Andrew Lawrence

Point After

It's Lonely at The Top

By Selena Roberts



The Summer's Best @#$%! Comedy

By Steve Rushin

Who's Hot Who's Not

Heroic Pursuit

A film achingly documents the blocked investigation into Pat Tillman's death

By Sarah Kwak

For the Record

The Debate: Chip Shot or Long Shot?

On Aug. 10 Chipper Jones, 38, tore his left ACL, an injury that ended his season. The Braves third baseman, a six-time All-Star, says he will try to come back next spring. But if he doesn't play another big league game, is he a lock for the Hall of Fame?

By Joe Sheehan

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Elizabeth McGarr

The Vault

Things I Think I Think

By Peter King