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Manning Bowl II


The Brothers Manning play but once every four years. Over the summer Peyton, of the Colts, said he hopes he can savor this week's game against Eli, of the Giants, because he doesn't know how many more of the matchups there will be. But the elder Manning probably won't have much time for reflection. Peyton (below, right) got beaten up in a Week 1 loss to the Texans—he was sacked twice and hit 10 times—and he'll be facing a new New York defensive front that against Carolina on Sunday was reminiscent of the ferocious group that harassed Tom Brady into five sacks in the Super Bowl three years ago. Expect Peyton to have trouble throwing downfield. If the Giants can make Colts tight end Dallas Clark a nonfactor, they'll win. One problem: No one makes Dallas Clark a nonfactor. Colts 24, Giants 20