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Denver Deal?

The reassignment of Nuggets adviser Bret Bearup in Denver could have a large impact on the future of Carmelo Anthony. Bearup has been one of the biggest advocates for dealing Anthony, while G.M. Masai Ujiri is in favor of holding on to Anthony for the rest of the season.... How big has the addition of Tyson Chandler been to the Mavericks' defense? Last season Dallas ranked 15th in the NBA in defensive field goal percentage (45.7%). At week's end, thanks largely to the 7'1" Chandler, the Mavs owned the league's top field goal defense (42.0%).... Houston's decision to pull its offer to free-agent Erick Dampier puts the 35-year-old back on the market. An NBA source says Toronto and Phoenix are the front-runners to sign the 6'11", 265-pound center.