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Jeremy Shockey


The former Miami Hurricane had four catches for 29 yards on Sunday as the Saints improved to 10--3 with a 31--13 win over the Rams

Dan Patrick:The Patriots beat the Jets last week 45--3 and had the starters in until the end. Is it O.K. to rub it in?

Jeremy Shockey: Yeah. Of course, why not? The fans pay a lot of money to see points. Bill Belichick is a hell of a coach, they've got a great team, they got beat by the Jets the first game, so why not [keep playing] at the end?

DP:You wouldn't have a problem if you were a member of the Jets?

JS: Simple. If you want to [keep] a team from scoring points, stop them on defense. Don't expect the other team to quit.

DP:Are the Falcons a better team than the Saints right now, today?

JS: I don't like to get into that "today" stuff. "If the playoffs started today... . " Well, the playoffs won't start today. That's the fact. The fact is, the Falcons have a better record than us and they beat us. The fact is, we get to play them again. Our team is really focused on the game we play next, not the Falcons.

DP:Who is the right coach for your alma mater?

JS: I don't know. It's a good school. The past couple of years have not been Miami football. I don't even think a guy got drafted in the first round—that's the first time in I don't know how many years. My heart goes out to them.

DP:Last time you got a tattoo?

JS: About a year ago, maybe.

DP:What's the one where you look and you go, Never should have done that?

JS: None of them, really. I have MAMA'S BOY, I have an American flag. I'm very patriotic. Everything that you see on my body is for a reason. I don't have any tattoos I got when I was 13 years old, like a lot of people. I got my first tattoo when I was 25. It's very thought-out. It's not going anywhere, so you've got to make sure that you have something that means well.

DP:Would you ever do a girlfriend's name or would it have to be your wife?

JS: Forever's a long time, Dan. I would hold on that one.

DP:No girls?

JS: No girl tattoos, no. What about you? You got any tattoos?

DP:Yeah, I got a few of them.

JS: When was the last one?

DP:The THUG LIFE on my chest, but that was three, four years ago. Who has a tattoo on the Saints that would surprise me? Drew Brees doesn't have one, does he?

JS: Brees does not have one that I'm aware of, no.

DP:Could you check for me?

JS: [Laughs.] I'll take a rain check on that.

DP:What will happen first for you: another Super Bowl ring or a wedding ring?

JS: Another Super Bowl ring. I don't plan on getting married anytime soon. I'm not currently dating anyone, I have no kids. This job is pretty much my life, and I take it pretty seriously. I'll have plenty of time to get married after I'm done with football.

DP:Isn't there a Kardashian you can date?

JS: Probably so. But nothing for me now. I'm good on the Kardashians.

• Hair Force

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told me he has "definitely not moved past" making fun of teammate Clay Matthews's hair (above). (Part of it is rivalry-based; Rodgers went to Cal, Matthews went to USC.) "He definitely thinks very highly of his hair," Rodgers said. "I asked him the other day if he got it insured." When I pointed out that Rodgers had let his hair grow out in the past, he joked, "I did. It was a phase, not a lifestyle."

• Good Luck

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, the Heisman runner-up, told me that he hasn't decided whether he'll turn pro. Luck also said that he can't argue with the way the BCS worked out this year. But with his team just a loss to Oregon away from an undefeated season, he isn't opposed to some sort of playoff—so long as it is limited. "It can be taxing on students late in the year, with finals and playing multiple games, if there was a playoff system," he said. "So I think a final four would make it easier."

• Line of the week

Heisman Trophy finalist Kellen Moore on if he'll return to Boise State for his senior season: "Absolutely. Until a 6-foot pocket passer becomes a popular thing [in the NFL], I think I'll be back".

THE FINE PRINT: WikiLeaks tried to release the Jets' game plan for the last two weeks. Turns out there wasn't one.

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