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Mix Master

Speaking off the cuff has never been as risky as in the YouTube age, in which a postgame gaffe could become a SportsCenter sound bite—or worse, a catchy song. Some badly behaving coaches and athletes can thank Amherst, Mass., native Steve Porter, 32, for ensuring their antics won't soon be forgotten. Last year Porter first mixed a hip-hop beat with Auto-Tuned versions of then 76ers guard Allen Iverson's 2002 "Practice?!" rant and former Colts coach Jim Mora's 2001 "Playoffs?!" tirade. He posted the result, called Press Hop, on YouTube, and within months Porter says he went from being "just a guy in a laboratory" to the founder of PorterHouse Media.

In 2010 Porter's video remixes—featuring everyone from Ray Lewis to the boys of NASCAR—aired on ESPN, Hockey Night in Canada and in promos for the NBA; and in July he culled from the ripe press conferences of LeBron, Tiger and Brett Favre for Press Hop 2. (Yes, he saw Derek Anderson's recent rant; and yes, he's working on it.) Altogether his clips have garnered more than 22 million views on YouTube. Gird your loins, athletes. Steve Porter is watching.