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Being a fan of both blues guitar and sports, I was absolutely thrilled to see one of my alltime favorites, the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan, on the cover of SI's year-end issue. Say what? That's Tim Lincecum?

Dan Orr, Blacklick, Ohio

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I don't understand why SI would have someone on its cover popping a cork and celebrating, then on the cover's border have the names of sports figures who died in 2010. Seems to be in poor taste.

Ann Vogt, Dallas, Ga.

All the White Moves

I wish all NFL veterans would take a cue from former Saints wide receiver Joe Horn and mentor young players like Roddy White (Catch Me Now, Dec. 27). While an exceptional talent, White needed to learn how to behave, prepare and perform like a true professional. Only seasoned players can supply that information, and Horn did. I tip my hat both to Horn for being a great mentor and to White for being a great student.

Mike Janney, Houston

In reading the article about White I came across the comment "White's body simply exploded," and immediately thought of steroids. How sad. The young man could have worked his butt off or had a growth spurt but my first thought was about performance enhancers. Such is the effect of the steroid age in which we live.

Hugh Curtler

Cottonwood, Minn.

Race for Second

L. Jon Wertheim was accurate in describing the UFL as "ragtag" (SCORECARD, Dec. 27), but he also erroneously crowned it "the world's second-best pro football league." The UFL has nowhere near the talent of the 100-year-old CFL. While the CFL becomes more respected across North America, the UFL will likely face a fate similar NFL Europe's.

Peter Mills

Regina, Saskatchewan

Rest of the Best

How could you leave Rafael Nadal and Jimmie Johnson out of your year-end photo gallery (10 for '10, Dec. 27)? Both had unprecedented accomplishments: Nadal won three majors on three different surfaces in the same year while Johnson won his fifth NASCAR title in a row, staking his claim as the best stock car driver of all time.

Dan Rood

North Liberty, Iowa

Not to Be Forgotten

I was disappointed at an omission from your list of farewells for the year (The Lives They Led, Dec. 27). We in the Pacific Northwest are still mourning the death of our beloved voice of the Mariners, Dave Niehaus. Dave was there from the beginning, and his signature call of My oh my! became a catchphrase for the region. The airwaves won't be the same without his soothing tones.

Ben Mendro, Arlington, Wash.

... Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. His death on the track just hours before the opening ceremony at the Vancouver Winter Olympics will forever have an impact on the Games.

Aaron Brouwer

Prince George, B.C.

... sportswriter Phil Jasner, a member of not only the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame but also the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Kevin Sentner

Mount Laurel, N.J.

... Walt Dropo, the 1950 AL Rookie of the Year as a Red Sox first baseman. The Moose from Moosup (his hometown was Moosup, Conn.) also shares the record for most hits in a row, 12, which he accomplished with the Tigers in 1952.

Ronald P. Coderre

Putnam, Conn.

... Dick Miles, the 10-time U.S. Open table tennis champion.

Richard B. Troxel

Hendersonville, N.C.

Yuletide Cheer

Thank you, Phil Taylor, for highlighting the Silent Night tradition at Taylor University (POINT AFTER, Dec. 27). It's a wonderful school, and to read about this tradition on Christmas Eve was a blessing.

Brett Logan

Grand Rapids, Mich.

In today's world of high paychecks and huge egos, Phil Taylor showed the greatness that can be found in simplicity and obscurity. Through his words I could smell the gym, feel the vibrations of the cheering crowd and breathe the winter air.

Larry Gilman, Lafayette, Calif.

I was deeply touched by Phil Taylor's poem. Good things can happen on college campuses when students and faculty think about others more than themselves.

Douglas Glickert, Peekskill, N.Y.

Thank you, Mr. Taylor, for your POINT AFTER story

Which reminds us that sports aren't always about glory.

As we have seen on this Silent Night,

Cheering on sports in December makes the season bright!

Lauren Adelizzi

Allentown, Pa.

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