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Finally, a national publication recognizes the intensity of the Bears-Packers rivalry. Having lived within 35 miles of the Illinois-Wisconsin border for 70 years I know firsthand that for each team's coaches, players and fans this rivalry supersedes any political partisanship or religious differences.

Don Kret, Sahuarita, Ariz.

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I want to congratulate Tim Layden for his awesome article on the NFL's greatest historical matchup (Once More Unto the Breach, Jan. 24). Remember that TV commercial where the guy gets a paper cut on his finger and it bleeds green and gold? That's me. From an early age, I was taught that the Bears were the enemy. Go Pack!

Jordan Wang, Holdingford, Minn.

I'm a Bears fan who was forced to relocate to the heart of Packers country. The week before the NFC Championship Game, I wore a different Bears jersey to school every day with hopes of riling some area cheeseheads. The Friday before the game I proudly wore a Brian Urlacher jersey to class, and my teacher refused to call on me, saying that my opinions were worthless because of what I had on. Yeah, this rivalry will never die!

Kalyn Kahler, Verona, Wis.

Board Certified

As a Morehead State alum, I could not be more proud of Kenneth Faried (The Gift of Grab, Jan. 24) and everything he has done for himself, his family and the university. His rebounding stats are superior to those of players who are bigger and come from programs with a lot more money. Faried will be an asset to any professional team lucky enough to pick him up.

Tyler Fernbacher, St. Louis

Assessing Lance

I'm a cycling enthusiast and I appreciate the courage and strength of Lance Armstrong. After reading your article (The Case Against Lance Armstrong, Jan. 24), however, I can no longer believe he hasn't used PEDs. He's just been shielded by so many enablers that he's been able to get away with it.

Jeff Johnson, Fort Worth, Texas

If Jeff Novitzky and his legion of zealot journalists continue to succeed in shaming Lance Armstrong, what will happen to the Livestrong Foundation? My guess is that people will stop donating and cancer research will suffer a major setback. As a sports fan, do I think Armstrong used PEDs? Sure. As a cancer survivor, do I care? Absolutely not!

Kevin Shipp, Northport, Ala.

Loss of an Angel

Thank you, Joe Posnanski, for introducing me to the Green family and their lovely daughter, Christina (POINT AFTER, Jan. 24). We are so accustomed to violence being broadcast in the media that on the surface this was just another news story about the tragic death of a nine-year-old—that is, until your words allowed me to get to know and then grieve for another human being.

Dennis L. Williams, Bloomington, Ind.

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