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While the consensus may be that Jake Plummer's early retirement from the NFL was a little odd, he also happens to be the envy of many in that he is surrounded by a loving family and friends and is fulfilling his true passions in life. We all should be so lucky.

Rich Lechman, Lafayette, Colo.

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Your article on Jake Plummer (What Was He Thinking? Feb. 14), stirred two emotions: admiration for his talent, priorities and perspective, and bitterness over the way he was treated by the city of Denver. Plummer was the post--John Elway quarterback that Broncos Nation needed, but then it refused to accept him. It's fitting that Denver is still waiting for the second coming of Elway, while the man who may have come closest to filling that role has bid adieu and couldn't care less.

Scott Cunningham

Grand Junction, Colo.

Just like his good friend Pat Tillman, Plummer has not centered his life on pleasing those around him and playing to the media. People who can't understand how anyone can walk away from millions of dollars need to take a look at the life lesson that Plummer has come to learn: Fulfillment is about being who you are, not what others want you to be.

Larry Pearlman

Loveland, Colo.

While Plummer deserves kudos for eschewing materialism and fame, his constant utterance of f-bombs and s-bombs during his interview with SI belies his alleged decency and values. Let's hope he cleans up his act before little Roland Plummer starts picking up his habits.

Doug ForanAloha, Ore.


Look up the meaning of team in the dictionary and you should see a picture of the 2010 Green Bay Packers (Green and Golden, Feb. 14). No other Super Bowl champion has ever had to overcome as many injuries and won it all. They played the second half of Super Bowl XLV with their defensive leader, cornerback Charles Woodson, on the sideline and still beat the Steelers. Teamwork at its finest.

Joe Belfiore, Freehold, N.J.

That's Amar'e

I enjoyed Lee Jenkins's article on Amar'e Stoudemire (The Savior Cometh, Feb. 14). As a 14-year-old Knicks fan, I really don't remember the last time New York had a decent team. Stoudemire is a born leader, and so far this season he has brought hope to a city that really needed it.

Christina Higgins, Nanuet, N.Y.

Good Parenting

I want to compliment Michael Rosenberg on his heartwarming piece about Ohio State freshman Jared Sullinger (A Prodigy in the Paint, Feb. 14). I was especially impressed with Satch and Barbara Sullinger. Good parenting isn't about making your children happy in the moment. It's about providing challenges and boundaries so they can be outstanding human beings. In this respect the Sullingers are All-Americas.

Jamie Plaisance, Minneapolis

Something to Prove

Phil Taylor's column on Ben Roethlisberger (POINT AFTER, Feb. 14) perfectly reflects my feelings on the Steelers' quarterback. As a fellow graduate of Miami (Ohio) and the father of a 27-year-old woman, I was appalled and disgusted by Roethlisberger's alleged aggression toward women and by his arrogant attitude. I felt he should have been prosecuted and booted out of the NFL. Nonetheless, it appears that he has been truly humbled by his public disgrace and is changing for the better. I can only hope his reclamation will serve as an example to others.

Bill Gottdenker

Mountainside, N.J.

People deserve a second chance, whether they take it graciously and go on to achieve great things or not. The fact that Roethlisberger was able to overcome adversity and criticism and accomplish a tremendous feat shows a lot about his determination. Though he didn't come out on top, he came as close as possible.

Sam Goodman


A Pittsburgh victory would not have signified the redemption of Big Ben. Rather, it would have reflected the resilience of his coaches and teammates and the stability of the organization, which held the team together during a tumultuous season. The Steelers projected a maturity that their quarterback did not, and in the process taught Roethlisberger lessons that winning the game never would have.

Greg Olsavsky, Burke, Va.

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