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Initially I was disgusted with the tale of Mike Danton and his murder-for-hire scheme. However, now that I know the full story it makes me proud to see him taking responsibility for his actions and using the experience to better himself.

Mitchell Kauffman, Margate, Fla.

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The story of Danton's return to civility (I'm Glad I Went to Prison, Feb. 28) is testimony to all who have struggled with bad decisions, large or small. I was most impressed by what Danton really wants: to have a family and be a great dad. How could society not benefit from someone with that kind of a desire for his life?

Jeff Starczewski

Whitesboro, N.Y.

I'm all for second chances and I truly believe that Danton deserves much applause for seemingly making the most of his. But I have to question how he can be considered a study in redemption when he flat-out refuses to admit to the purpose of his crime.

PJ Maloney, Waterloo, Ont.

If Danton still has David Frost in his life, then it is obvious that despite going to jail and everything else he has been through over the last seven years, he still hasn't learned anything.

Todd Lokken, Poway, Calif.

Youth Is Served

Your article on Atlanta's two rising stars, Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward, (Brave New World, Feb. 28) shows how baseball is changing. With so many talented young players currently making waves in the majors, the game is more exciting to watch. These players could be the faces of their organizations for years.

Nick Becker, Clark, N.J.

It was great to see a Phillie in your package on baseball's hot young talent. Most fans probably think the Phillies unloaded their entire farm system on pitchers Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, but rookie outfielder Domonic Brown should keep the future looking bright in Philadelphia.

Carmen Tierno, Marlton, N.J.

Wow is the only word to describe my reaction to seeing two baseball players on the cover rather than Trevor Bayne, the 20-year-old who won the Daytona 500 in only his second Cup start. Just wow.

Clay Burley, Monterey, La.


What a shame some idiot poisoned two 130-year-old oaks in Auburn (SCORECARD, Feb. 28). Despite this horrific act, Auburn fans will still revel at Toomer's Corner, and with more vigor and meaning than ever before. I can imagine that many years from now this whole incident will be an inspirational tale to both the fans and the team.

Chuck Jager

North Fort Myers, Fla.

The hate between SEC fans has reached an alltime low. My daughter is an Auburn alum and she attended the Tigers' game against Alabama in Tuscaloosa in November. She wore Auburn colors and was spit on and covered in beer by game's end. And for what? Just because she was a fan of the opposing team?

Scott Smolinski, Arlington, Va.

Say What?

Instead of mentioning Justin Bieber's performance and MVP award from the All-Star Celebrity Game in "Go Figure" (SCORECARD, Feb. 28), perhaps you should have put it under "Sign of the Apocalypse."

John Nash, Norwalk, Conn.

All Eyes on Me

After reading Phil Taylor's column (POINT AFTER, Feb. 28) about the way this generation of look-at-me athletes operates, I have to sit and wonder how many of these players were fans of Cal Ripken Jr., David Robinson or any other star who stayed true to one team. If they really want to have fans remember them, history suggests they show some loyalty and dispense with the Melo drama.

Adam Pillard Black

River Falls, Wis.

Please don't let Phil Taylor go! Don't have us go through the next three weeks hanging on tenterhooks. Sign him to a long-term contract now! If he leaves, what will I do with my old Taylor jerseys and especially my old Taylor shoes? Oh, wait. Those are Chuck Taylors. Never mind.

Kent Commons, Cincinnati

It makes me sick when those in the press bemoan the monsters that they themselves have created. If the media feel uncomfortable with the extended trade and contract talks, exaggerated rumors and constant me-first attitudes, then they should stop reporting every sigh, sniffle or sneeze by the athletes involved.

Ryan Szalay, Rochester, N.Y.

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