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David Beckham


The 36-year-old midfielder is in the final year of a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy. He recently attended the royal wedding.

Dan Patrick:Do you know what you're going to do when your MLS contract is up?

David Beckham: I haven't decided. At this point I just want to enjoy this season and get through it. At my age and after the injuries I had last year, it's important I concentrate on getting my body right. I've done that. I feel like I'm performing well.

DP:How much longer do you want to play?

DB: Right now I feel fit and feel I can play for another year or two.

DP:When was the last time you heard from a team in the Premiership?

DB: I get calls every now and again. It's always nice to be wanted.

DP:Do you think you will ever go back to Manchester United to end your career?

DB: I don't think so. I had such a great time with Manchester United for so many years. I was proud of that. I think it's highly [unlikely], but you never know.

DP:Who's a better scorer, Thierry Henry at his peak or Lionel Messi right now?

DB: It's impossible to choose because Thierry was such a great player for so many years. Messi is a freak player. He's so incredibly talented. The closest to Maradona you're ever going to get.

DP:What did you get the royal couple?

DB: Everyone was told to give a donation to charity, which I thought was an amazing thing.

DP:Were you nervous about going to the wedding?

DB: I was excited. The buzz of a royal wedding.... I've never been involved in that before. It was such a proud day for our country and for our families. My grandparents brought me up [following] the royal family. It was really traditional. It was such a romantic day. It was very English.

DP:Who stayed up later, you or Prince Harry?

DB: I would have thought Prince Harry. I was at home with my boys in bed.

DP:Do your sons play American sports?

DB: Mostly they're playing soccer. They love playing basketball as well.

DP:Would you be O.K. if they ended up playing basketball instead of soccer?

DB: I'd probably get Kobe [Bryant] around to give them some lessons. Whatever they do, I'm going to be proud of them. As long as they play a sport.

DP:Your wife, Victoria, is pregnant. Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl?

DB: A girl.

DP:Do you have a name picked out yet?

DB: We have no idea. We're going to have the boys come up with a few ideas. There've been some interesting ones already.

DP:What's your favorite from the boys?

DB: At one point we were told it was a boy, so the boys were like, can it be Justin Bieber Beckham? We found out it was a girl, and they were like, O.K., can it be Justine Bieber Beckham?

DP:Any new tattoos to report?

DB: No more tattoos yet.

DP:Would you ever go full body?

DB: I'd never do full body. But then again, I said I'd never do sleeves. There'll be a couple more in the future, but definitely not full body. My mum would kill me.

• Shame Game

Jerry West said the Lakers weren't well-equipped to defend their title this season and isn't surprised that they were eliminated by Dallas. But he was disappointed by Game 4, when Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom were ejected for flagrant fouls. "Some of the things that I saw out there were pretty classless," West said. "I was a little bit embarrassed. Not with the loss, but with some of the things that I saw on the floor, which were not [things] that someone who wears a Lakers uniform should do."

• Kindred QBs

Kurt Warner said Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt recently asked him about the quarterbacks that might be available postlockout. Warner said his former team should set its sights on the Bengals' Carson Palmer. "I think he's one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league when he's in a situation where he feels comfortable," Warner said. "The way they played the game when I was here is [a good fit for] what Carson does."

• Line of the week

Mavericks guard Jason Terry on the Celtics' Rajon Rondo's playing with a dislocated elbow: "I haven't seen any time where a guy's arm looks like it just disappeared. He must be made of rubber bands because he bounced back."

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