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Eyeing a Buckeye

Are Terrelle Pryor and the NFL a match?

That chill Terrelle Pryor is feeling after leaving Ohio State? It's a cold shoulder from the NFL. Pryor may have been a 61% passer in three seasons, and he may possess the elusiveness and power of Michael Vick. But an NFL scout and one head coach, each having studied Pryor in preparation for his entering the supplemental draft (the date of which has yet to be decided), see him as a low-round pick at best.

"I was at an Ohio State practice a couple years ago," the scout told SI, "and he was so wild that they had to scale back what they were doing so his confidence wouldn't be ruined. His accuracy is going to be a real problem."

Said the coach: "He'll need a team that moves the pocket, has a lot of play-action and relies on the quarterback to make split-second run-pass decisions. There are not many of those teams."

Both men acknowledged it would be smart for Pryor to start first in the UFL (which begins play in August) or the CFL (June 30). But Pryor, 21, appears to want to play in the NFL. In that case, the best scenario would be a team offering renowned quarterback coaching and a situation in which he could apprentice for a year or two, even on the practice squad. Another head coach suggested Washington and Philadelphia as two such situations: "Mike Shanahan or Andy Reid could afford to use a sixth-round pick on Pryor, then stash him on the practice squad and take a couple of years to train him. Look at what the Eagles did with Michael Vick. Pryor's not on his level, but with the discipline and learning environment he would have in either one of those places, that would be his best shot."