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Matt Ryan


The 2010 Pro Bowler (page 28) led teammates in drills at an Atlanta-area high school during the lockout and got married in April.

Dan Patrick:How did the lockout affect your life?

Matt Ryan: It freed up some of my time, that's for sure. But it really just changed where we did our preparation. A lot of guys live in Atlanta, so we could get together and work out a little bit.

DP:Did you have any contact with coaches to help prepare this off-season?

MR: We had no communication. Both sides stuck to the rules. We were lucky, we haven't had any turnover in our coordinators the last three years. We knew our system.

DP:Have you spent time with rookie receiver Julio Jones?

MR: I have. Julio was in Atlanta for about eight weeks after the draft [learning] our playbook.

DP:What's he do well?

MR: A lot of things. He's bigger and stronger and faster than I thought he would be.

DP:Is Jones what the Falcons needed to improve?

MR: I think so. I think [Jones], along with Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, Harry Douglas in the slot and Mike Turner in the backfield... . It's going to make it difficult for teams to defend us.

DP:How worried are you about the Falcons' defense after falling to the Packers 48--21 in last season's playoffs?

MR: That night didn't turn out the way we wanted it to on either side of the ball.

DP:How good were the Packers?

MR: I don't think anybody was going to beat them. Aaron Rodgers played, quite honestly, one of the best playoff games I've ever seen a quarterback play.

DP:What can we expect from rookie quarterbacks after missing so much of the off-season?

MR: It's hard enough to do it when you have a normal off-season. I think this adds an extra level of difficulty. For me, it would have been extremely difficult to come in without having the OTAs and the minicamps.

DP:Are there ever times you forget the play when you get to the line of scrimmage?

MR: Not me. Not anymore, I should say. Any rookie who would tell you they weren't unsure at one point or another when they walked to the line of scrimmage is lying to you.

DP:What do you do when that happens?

MR: You look at one of the veterans and say, "Hey, man, what's goin' on here?"

DP:What do you think of recent proposals to pay college football players?

MR: With the amount of money football programs bring into institutions, I'm not opposed to it. I don't think paying players is going to solve the problem of players' taking extra benefits. Anybody at [that age] with an opportunity to make extra money is going to be tempted. But it needs to be discussed and probably eventually will happen.

DP:How much money would have been enough at Boston College?

MR: It's an expensive city. I would need extra money. Compared to some places in the Midwest, your money doesn't go as far [in Boston].

DP:So you might have gone to a school in the Midwest instead?

MR: Once you finally turn 21, the cost of a Bud Light in Iowa City is a little bit less than the cost of a Bud Light in Boston. It definitely could change where people go.

• Giant Worry

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy told me he loves having characters on his team, but having those characters visit the White House made him a little bit nervous. "I really was concerned what Brian [Wilson, above] was going to wear," Bochy explained. "I said, 'Put the spandex away for this event.' We had the players wear coats and ties. Brian did a nice job." Bochy, however, added that he's never been around a player who works harder than Wilson.

• Sharpe Insight

Newly inducted Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe offered an interesting take into the Broncos' expectations for Tim Tebow. "Once you've won a Super Bowl as an organization, nothing less than winning and hoisting that Lombardi Trophy matters anymore," Sharpe told me. "[Head coach] John Fox believes this guy can win in the playoffs." That's how a team should think, but that puts a lot of pressure on a second-year quarterback who has started just three games.

• Line of the week

Steve Carell on his ultimate sports-related tattoo: "I would get BRETT FAVRE put on my shoulder. You couldn't remove it. Even when you thought it was removed, it would keep coming back."

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