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Anyone who thinks the NCAA will actually step in and impose severe penalties on Miami if all the allegations about the football program prove true should think again. The NCAA will continue to do what it does best: form a commission, come up with some lofty rules and ideas about how to correct the system's ills, and then debate for the next 20 years without ever taking any action.

John Larkin, Chicago

While I believe Alexander Wolff's call to action regarding Miami is valid (16 Years Later, It's Time to Get Real, Aug. 29), the idea that Donna Shalala is the best individual to institute the much-needed change is misguided. She was the president of the university, so the fault lies directly at her feet. A new beginning for Miami means cleaning house, starting with the program's top administrator, who was responsible for this entire mess.

G. Roger Greiner, Sunset, S.C.

I agree with your letter pressing for reform in college football; however, I deplore your suggestion that Congress get involved. Given the state of our economy, our legislative branch has more pressing things to worry about.

Gail Erb, San Ramon, Calif.

Optimism Brews

After reading Lee Jenkins's article on the Brewers (Living the High Life, Aug. 29), I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't more emphasis placed on Milwaukee's pitching staff. Sure, outfielder Nyjer Morgan brings excitement to the team, but the Brewers are consistently winning because of strong performances from starters like Yovani Gallardo, Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum, who have some of the best winning percentages in the majors.

Nick Grays, Madison, Wis.

It's a shame that being on the DL for a month has put second baseman Rickie Weeks out of everyone's mind. Weeks was batting .272 with 19 home runs before spraining his left ankle. Still, the fact that the Brewers are so deep that they haven't missed a beat while Weeks has been out bodes well for this great team.

Chris James, Nashville

Holding McCourt

Frank McCourt may be a bum for what he's done to the Dodgers' organization (The Day That Damned the Dodgers, Aug. 29), but for some to hold him accountable for the Bryan Stow assault is ridiculous. The real problem is the amount of alcohol being consumed by fans during games. The drinking and subsequent lewd behavior is so outrageous, you fear for the visitor who gives the wrong look or says the wrong thing to a home fan.

James McCallum, San Diego

I agree that McCourt is responsible for pushing the Dodgers to the edge. However, I still maintain that the path to destruction in L.A. began in the early '90s when the concession stands starting selling black Dodgers caps. This was an open invitation to displaced Raiders fans, allowing Dodger Stadium to become a new nest where they could roost and go wild.

Keith Weston Moxley, Kent, Ohio

Less Is More

Here's another reason to institute Joe Posnanski's 154-game solution (POINT AFTER, Aug. 29) in baseball: October weather. Because of TV contracts that call for prime-time starts, baseball replaced the splendor of day games in October with freezing night games. A shorter season would mean fewer cold nights for the most important games of the season.

Harvey Watson, Encinitas, Calif.




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Which player or team impressed you the most during the NFL's opening weekend?

Michael Elseroad: Detroit and QB Matt Stafford. I thought the Lions would need another draft or two before they were serious playoff contenders, but after this weekend's win over the Bucs I think their time might be now.

Andrew Kopecky (@My_Life_As_Kop): Despite the loss to the Jets, the Cowboys' defense looked good. Too bad Tony Romo ruined the game for Dallas.

Brad Humphries: Cam Newton's throwing for 422 yards in his first NFL regular-season game impressed me the most by far. Even with all of the haters, it seems like no outside distractions can bring Newton down.

Mark Bard: As a die-hard Steelers fan I have to say the Ravens. They simply owned Pittsburgh in that game.

Billy King (@Kingbilly91): Definitely the Bears. Chicago made the Falcons—a lot of people's pick to win the Super Bowl—look like they didn't even show up to play.