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What picked me up and brought me down about the Solheim Cup

Buzz: Golfapalooza. Solheim Cup at 2:30 a.m. Eastern flowing right into the Tour Championship.

Buzz Kill: Tuning in for the Tour Championship only to discover the Solheim Cup is running more than an hour over because the pace of play is so pathetically slow.

Buzz: The best in the game—women and men—performing like rock stars when it really counted.

Buzz Kill: Most of those shots were preceded by five-minute bottle feedings from their caddies.

Buzz: The joy of functional rain gear: The U.S. Solheim Cup rain suits were shower tested for 30 minutes.

Buzz Kill: Europe had three separate "waterproofs."

Buzz: Golf in Ireland.

Buzz Kill: The course played (Killeen Castle) could have been in America.

Buzz: The singing, chanting, rooting at a European-staged cup.

Buzz Kill: A site where mittens and umbrellas are required doesn't allow the fans to really get into it.

Buzz: Killeen Castle, possibly the coolest golf course backdrop anywhere besides St. Andrews.

Buzz Kill: The actual castle is a shell. It was supposed to be a hotel, but the developers went bust.

Buzz: The Solheim Cup develops its own history and traditions.

Buzz Kill: Rumblings of an international component. No way! Keep any new event separate.

Buzz: The phenomenal media buildup to the match.

Buzz Kill: Scottish writers who recycle stories from 1994 about yours truly. I've heard the reason one person hates another is that he wants to be like you. Could that be true?

Dottie Pepper is a 17-year LPGA vet and an analyst for NBC.





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