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A Fan's Notes ...

... and tweets, texts and calls. For some, the action at the game is not on the field

@FredPhatcat: Headed to the game. At least I think I am. #trafficisabitch

@FredPhatcat: Finally got here #foursquare.

SMS 917-555-0078: u here? We're in sect. 123. Will have phone on 4 whole game Carl, I left the documents with Joan on my way out. I'm at the game but will have access to phone/e-mail. Ping me here!

"Huh? Wha? Oh. Hell, yeah, he was definitely out. Honestly I didn't see it. I was looking down."

@FredPhatcat: Can anyone see me on TV? Sitting b/w home and first bad

@FredPhatcat: Sorry "first base." Damn autocorrect

SMS 917-555-0078: how great is this? First round on me after 5th inning. Meet @ stadium club?

SMS 917-555-0078: Lil man—hope u had a gr8 day. Do your homework b4 you turn on game

@FredPhatcat: What's more beautiful than baseball on a fall night? #heaven ... Oh, we just need to check monthly burn rate. Client told me $12k but reconfirm in a.m.

"Huh? Wha? Right. Wait, they're down one-zip? I'm putting out fires with work. Might have been texting. How did they score?"

SMS 917-555-0078: Hi, Hon. Having great time. CU soon. Will check train times on phone. Xoxo

SMS 917-555-0078: 11:11 gets in at 11:38. Don't stay up. Xoxo

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Hell, yeah! He drilled that! What was that, 410 to straight center? Oh, it was the leftfield line? Wait, I have a text." Good point. What if we count it as loan amortization? Let's talk at morning meeting

SMS: 917-555-0078: No prob. We'll get lunch next week

@FredPhatcat: headed home from stadium. /yfesvg #amazingnight #fb