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1. I think the timing of their bye couldn't be better for the Ravens, who don't play this week and will have two injured starters—cornerback Jimmy Smith and wideout Lee Evans—back for Week 6 against suddenly tough Houston. And the timing couldn't be worse for the Cowboys. The rotten taste of their loss to the Lions will stay in their mouths for two weeks.

2. I think it will be interesting to see whether the 44 voting members for the Pro Football Hall of Fame reconsider Paul Tagliabue in a year with no slam-dunk candidates. One of the big knocks on Tagliabue comes from the perception that he pushed through a bad labor deal in 2006, but the new CBA replaced that deal without a loss of games.

3. I think in the off-season the Falcons were sure they'd take a better team into their Week 5 game against Green Bay than the one the Packers routed in the playoffs nine months ago. Doesn't look like it. The 2--2 Falcons are coming off a way-too-narrow 30--28 win over Seattle. Aaron Rodgers will find the holes in Atlanta's defense.